Saturday, January 30, 2010

adilyn's birthday party

Well, when we babysat Adilyn the night before her party...she sat in her carseat for about an hour before drifting off to sleep.

really, this type of stuff doesn't happen to ryan and i

i won't bore you with the 25 pictures that we took of her, ryan and i were amazed, we just sat there and watched her...

don't worry, we didn't sit together and watch her as Willow decided to cry for hours that night...good thing RYan was home to help me babysit our little weeper, we switched off, we call it operation W... we tag team with her

we were blessed with babies that just don't fall asleep, they scream themselves to sleep

i think its because, well, we won't get into that...


Adilyn and her cake


scarlett eating cake


adilyn loving life.

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Random days at the BUtlers

So Scarlett loves to make Pizza's with her Melissa and Doug set.

So one night, when we were talking to nana, they ordered a pizza, and Scarlett charged them...too funny

She told them 18, so this is what they sent her....

18 pennies


Working on her shapes


Working on cutting


My good friend Tara, has two children, Trista and Adilyn. One night, they needed to head out to dinner so we watched the kids. (we swap, when we can) and the girls had so much fun!!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know you are thinking

Jill+food= dangerous

However, my book club just recently read "dear john" and it was really good, well, i was host and as i don't have any pictures of all of us girls, i took pictures of the food.

The setting was "seaside"

The Boat


The Salad to top with love....because the book was a romance story.


Shrimp, Seafood pasta and much more...

although the seafood pasta was pretty bad... grr.. guess that's what i get for not trying it before hand.


The lanai ...borrowed decorations from up north, and they arrived just in time for the party.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jack and Jill's

I work with Scarlett on "learning time" everyday. I have another blog and if you click on the title above "Jack and Jill's", it should take you over to my other blog that I really need to UPDATE!!! I have to update from what we have been learning about since January, so behind in the blogging world.

Scarlett doing her c work. I gave her a bunch of "caps" and she glued them on her paper. Glue+Scarlett = Happy


Scarlett playing with water table


Willow, just chillin, using her little entertainment table.


Willow loves watching Scarlett play in her "kitchen" and playing with her dollies.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Really as most of you know, for Christmas I asked for money to buy a new stroller, and not just any stroller, but THE stroller...

well of course, after much research and decision making with my husband, I actually wanted two...yep, TWO

See i wanted one to run with and one to keep in the car that folds up in minutes and is light weight

this is where comes into the equation

i knew the two double strollers that i really wanted

seached craigslist and this is what i got!!!

i know you are at the edge of your seat, if you didn't see these posted on fb.

The pink one, the pink combi stroller that usually sells for about 300.00, i bought it for 70.00. Its in perfect condition and its PINK. Although, we have had it for about 4 weeks and its not so perfect anymore, we have put it to GREAT use.


The double jogging stroller, that actually with both of my kids in it weighs about 70 pounds. However, i don't exactly jog miles in it, i rollerblade or walk at a fast pace with it. When i need to run excessively i drop the girls off at the childcare at the gym and RUN>


THE pink combi all folded up, it folds up smaller then a pack-n-play.


ok, we had to do us crazy

but we took a picture of ALL the strollers

yes, We really do use them all and use them quite frequently.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teacher of the Year

So my girlfriend Jill was nominated for Teacher of the Year in our county. In her elementary school alone (and where i finished my masters) they have 8 kindergarten teachers, if that leads you to figure out how many teachers they have in the 5 or so elementary schools.

Anyways, here in her family on the night of her winning for the county, now she will compete on a state level.


Ms. Jill accepting her award. For WINNING the big one, TEACHER OF THE YEAR FOR FLAGLER COUNTY.


all of the board members, principals and etc.


everyone who came out to support her, we all wore white to support our little Canadian, i also made little leaf hairclips that represent her flag from her home country.

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Scarlett got a microphone for Christmas and she just loves to sing. She rocks it out and half the time, we have 3 songs all mixed into one jingle.


Scarlett also likes to help sissy sing too.


Believe it or not

our town

just might

have a


check out the picture

Of our snow


Scarlett wanted to "cuddle up" with her baby and eat because it was sooo cold outside!!!

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

the girls

Scarlett loves to play in her kitchen. She loves to have tea parties and play dollies.


Our little Willow Grayce


Ok, so maybe she isn't so little, but she is our little sissy.


Scarlett and her pizza delivery truck. Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie bought this little car for her when she was one and she hasn't stopped playing with it. I just wish that they would make little attachments to the cars for kids to play with... you know, beauty salon, tool box and a pizza delivery car...

Don't worry, Daddy solved the problem.
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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another day in Jan

Daddy has been wanting a "work shelf" for along time.... this is what he worked on one Saturday.


the bins to the left are full of my christmas, easter and teacher books... he thinks its crazy that i have stuff but up north we have a basement, down south=no basement

He was so proud of it!

Scarlett loves to paint.

Give her a paint brush and she is good to go....her favorite color is blue right now!
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Playing at the Butlers

Scarlett and her babies


Willow eating her first little food!


Scarlett washing her car, mmmm, not sure where she learned this because we don't wash cars, the rain does. However, living with my dad for awhile might have clued her in to his Saturday morning routine.


Willow playing on the ground like a big girl!
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