Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easy summer days

Summer has hit us with lovely heat.

I love the heat.
Ryan likes cool.
I love the sun.
Ryan likes the shade.
I love baking in the sun.
Ryan likes sitting in the sun.
I love summer in Florida.
Ryan likes summer in Ohio.

Ryan and Scarlett working on our lawn.


Scarlett was really working hard. At one point she was sitting in the chair watching daddy and then 5 minutes later she was in her heels and sunglasses.


Willow Grayce loves taking in all the action up CLOSE>


One of Scarlett and Willow's favorite things to do is to play together. Especially when Ryan has Willow taking down Scarlett, Willow giggles and giggles.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

You belong to me

Scarlett loves Taylor Swift, thanks to her Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dan. They bought her this microphone and cd for Christmas and she just rocks it.

(please ignore the pool deck mess behind her)

This is her singing,

you belong


to me....


We usually eat dinner outside on the deck and Scarlett ends up moving the whole house outside.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

our litte poodles

I had to buy new jammies for Willow so I thought I would buy matching ones.



Willow was 8 months when she cut her first tooth. Now, she has 4 that has popped through. We call her slobber bobber.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dance Class

Nana recorded Scarlett during dance class. Her recital is in a few weeks. I figured out how to upload a video to youtube. I know I know... I might be turning into a technology freak. ha.

So here it is.

Scarlett and her dance class, click on the link below.

Scarlett and tomorrow!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scarlett and her tap dance

Nana also recorded Scarlett and her tap dance.

Scarlett is the girl with the pink tutu on...

Kidding, she is the one in pink with the pink flower.

Click on the link below

Scarlett Tap Dance

Scarlett and old youtubes.

Ok, so I guess when Scarlett was 2 years old. I uploaded 2 more videos on youtube, who knew?

Anyways, check out these links as well..

Jesus loves me


Scarlett and her spider

Well, you don't have to watch them, but I am totally impressed that somehow I uploaded them and then I FOUND them.

Just Dance

I am not sure why I don't have any pictures from when Nana and Pappaw were at our house. But we just laid out by the pool and grilled the rest of the week that they were in Florida.

Nana came to dance with us to watch Scarlett and here she is striking a pose.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


A quick picture of our family room.


Mommy and Scarlett on our way to Disney... yes, we were a little jammed in the car.


Where dreams come true. We actually saw a guy propose to a girl in the front of the castle. Of course, Ryan thought that was cheesy until he remembered that he proposed at a castle too. ha


J.M. Smucker store at Disney.
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Marriott Resort

So on Wednesday, we picked up Nana and Pappaw at the airport and checked in so that we could go swimming right away. They had this little children's pool and Scarlett thought it was HER pool.


Willow chilled out in the stroller and ate snacks.


Scarlett splashing Pappaw in the pool.


On Thursday we went to Disney in the morning until the girls needed a nap. Then, we went back to the resort for a few hours to relax and let the kids sleep. So Nana stayed up in the room while Pappaw and Ryan were in the pool, and I layed out. It was so peaceful.


We later went back to the park for the parade and a few more rides.
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The Parade

Oh, I believe one of the things I look forward to at Magic Kingdom is the Parade. It is just magical.

Here we are waiting for the parade. Yes, we have to wait along the fence about 20 before the parade.


Willow was sleeping in the stroller for the night so this is about the best family picture we have at the parade.


Nana and Scarlett watching and it must have been very intense.


The best part of the parade. Cinderella and her prince, this picture tells about how all the little magical things take place at disney.

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more disney

Daddy and Scarlett riding the Dumbo ride.
They went around and around.
I really can't take it. I would have thrown up.
I hope my kids don't get car sick like I do.


Of course, Nana and Pappaw bought Scarlett anything she wanted...
of course, it was a big ol ballon that we carried around the rest of the evening.


See Ryan below?
See the stickers on his back?


Well, I put them on his back and I thought it would be funny to see how long they stayed there.
It was for a few hours... pretty funny, eh?

Scarlett with full control of the situation below.

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Just pappaw and the girls

The girls just love being spoiled. Pappaw and Scarlett checking out Mickey's House.


Willow and Pappaw waiting in line to see the princesses.



Scarlett was trying to find mommy and daddy. It took her about 4 circles to finally see us. ha

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Then they came

Scarlett had been counting down days until Nana and Pappaw came. She wanted to go to the castle with them.


She really wanted to see Sleeping Beauty. She was beside herself. Can you tell by her dreamy eyes looking up?


Nana and Pappaw chilling out in Minnie Mouse's house.


Our family enjoying Disney!

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The girls

On Wednesdays I go to bible study and this past week was our last one. So we made little flower pots for Scarlett's nursery teachers that watch her every Wednesday.


Scarlett had Carina over to play and swim, they love eating snack.


Willow will get up on her knees and sway back and forth. She will reach out and try to crawl but will just fall forward, poor girl, she has a red, bruised chin from it and the slobber from her teeth doesn't help either.

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1st for Willow

Lately, Willow has been pulling out the big dogs.

She has been drinking juice out of a straw and juicebox.


It was too cute!! Daddy was helping Willow drink and she just loved it.


Willow loves putting on makeup too with mommy in the morning.


Willow has started to take tubby's in the big girl tub. Scarlett is so excited to have a playmate.

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