Monday, August 31, 2009


Scarlett ready for Gymnastics!!


Daddy helped at her class since mommy just had a baby!!


Scarlett ready to do her flips but she was a little upset that she had to stand on the "D" which is for daddy and the girl beside her had the "s" for ryan was laughing

Scarlett ready to go!!
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love this picture because this is where my hubby is the happiest. He could lay in bed all day with tons of pillows, except now i added an extra addition to his duty...the baby!!

Scarlett holding Willow before we head out to our first outing!! We went to Gymnastics Class for Scarlett!

mommy and willow before our big day to gymnastics

Scarlett said, mommy... she needs fed!
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Willow Grayce close up

Scarlett was playing hide -n-seek with Willow...but i found them!!

just before bedtime, we were reading books to baby willow

Scarlett and Daddy were off to church while mommy and baby stayed home.
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First days home

Scarlett just loves checking out Willow in the bassinet... she is sleeping in our room at night for right now...which reminds me, i will have to take some pictures of the girls room.

Scarlett and Willow taking a nap

Scarlett was changing her baby on the floor and using the big girl carseat!

Scarlett showing baby willow grayce her pedicure...she was telling her that they are red... about 10 minutes later, she was carrying all the nail polish stuff out of the fell and broke all over our carpet/tile coming out of our bedroom...ahhh, we are trying to get a handle on both of them
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming home

Scarlett was besides herself when our little Willow Grayce arrived home. She could hardly wait to take her out of the car seat. She just loves playing with babies, changing them and feeding them.


When Willow arrived home, she brought Scarlett a present. It was a Dora motorized little car. She loves it and when someone ask about it, she says baby sissy got it for her.


Scarlett was already digging into Grandma Bonnie's cookies... we ate them when we came home from the hospital!!

My mom and little Willow cuddling on the couch!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Heading Home from the hospital

So when you leave the hospital they don't let you walk out, you have to be pushed out!! So here i was with a nice older man that I should have been pushing...he was pushing me!!

Ryan putting Willow in her carseat... notice the suv behind him...story to follow

Another picture of daddy putting Willow in the car...notice the suv behind him...story to follow

our precious little willow grayce for her first car ride!!

story about suv behind us!!...

so, ryan and i were putting Willow in the car and we were done in like 5 minutes...the suv was behind us with every car door open including the trunk. We were just about to pull out and the daddy back there came up and said it looks like you guys have done this before can you help us...we both turned around and the mommy looked like she was "so exhausted" and daddy, granmda and grandpa were trying to figure out how to put the baby in the carseat. After all was said and done, ryan helped, got it all done and he comes back to the car and said everything was fine, but i guess they still want to stop off at the license bureau to make sure everything was put into their car correctly. Meanwhile, while Ryan was back there the grandma came up to my car and asked if i needed anything, they have a cooler if i need a water. I just looked at her and said i am good, she said, i am so glad your husband is helping us, i am not sure if we could drive if the baby isn't in the car correctly.

On our way home, we debated if we were bad parents because we don't seem to care that much about stuff and I sure didn't have a water cooler in my car. Oh to be first time parents again, i can't imagine what we looked like!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Family

The nurses taking care of Baby Willow!!

My favorite nurse, she was such a sweetheart and right now this is the only picture i can find of her...

Who does our baby look like??

our little girls
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if you click on the pictures they get bigger...if you click on the picture of Scarlett holding Willow Grayce you will see a black bump.. we almost went into the ER two nights prior because she smacked her head at the putt=putt course.
We were waiting to leave the hospital, so Willow and I were cuddling!!

She does cry believe it or not .... she is such a good baby!! Her shirt says little sister!!

Ryan decided to take 15 pictures of the room?? So i posted one because I was really released 24 hours after my delivery but decided to stay the 2nd night just for the benefit of everything. Anyways, the next morning at 9 I told them that we were ready for checkout and as you can see the clock on the wall shows 3:00.... ahhhh, it took forever, they had a lot of babies coming in ...oh well, the relaxing part was great!! ...(notice the tv...on sports...tiger i love my hubby)

Ok, as for the shower, well really... if you get a little grossed out don't read any further...

I told Ryan that no offense against men but a man designed and put the shower in for WOMEN giving birth. I wish they would have asked for like a survey of women that gave birth for some input. So this SUPPPER cute modern shower looks great right... well, the room is about a month old so i felt pretty good in the shower but the tile is beautiful but it doesn't funnle down into the drain so after you shower you have to attempt to rinse it out or something... and the head of the shower doesn't move off the wall... and if i was any bigger i probably wouldn't have fit in the shower.. anyways needless to say, i did shower and it was fine but i think they should have just put the money into the towels for when you get out!! thats all i am sayin
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Willow Grayce

At the airport the day before my delivery, Ryan made a switch off with his mom and my mom. I feel bad that Ryan's mom didn't get to see a baby, but I think she is coming in September with Aunt Ashely. My mom helped out so much too. She cleaned, cooked and made my rice krispie much for losing baby weight. It was a huge relief knowing that Scarlett was with my mom during delivery, recovery and everything. I remember Grandma Hartzler coming to my house to watch us when Curt was born.

Jess and Martin stopped in for a quick visit in the hospital..and we got a quick shot.

My favorite nurses...they were super nice!!

The nursery nurse who held Willow Grayce all night long!!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Willow's Delivery

The following describes my delivery. It is written in the context from mommy to Willow for her baby book. To make my life easier on telling you all a little bit more details on delivery, i just copied/pasted.


Dear my baby Willow,

Around 6:15 a.m., I woke up with a different type of kick in my belly. I went back to sleep and about 10 minutes later woke up with the same kick as before. You continued until about 7:15 and I was getting no sleep and wondering if you were going to come into the world on Wednesday, August 26, 2009. I thought I had better get into the shower incase the contractions were real. As the hour progressed, the contractions progressed in time and pain. I remember combing my hair and then huddling over in pain knowing this is it. The feeling is amazing and I am SO glad that the doctors didn’t pursue to induce you like they wanted to. By 9:00, we were finally out the door as your grandma Bonnie was staying to watch Scarlett. As we drove our 45 minutes to the airport the contractions were 5 minutes apart, at this time we were following a police officer and Daddy went around him but we never got pulled over. Daddy dropped me off at the front door and I went into the 2nd floor of Flagler Hospital of St. Augustine to be admitted. First, they took me into a room where they check vitals and to make sure that you are in labor, but after seeing that my contractions were about 3 minutes apart, they moved me instantly to the room where I delivered you. Mary, the nurse, checked to see how much I had dilated and I was at 6 around 10:00. After much blood was taken and vitals were done, they gave me my medicine for strep B. This medicine has to be in my system for 4 hours. They weren’t sure if we were going to make 4 hours. After waiting for the blood results and sitting through a few hours of contraction pain, they finally gave me my epidural; I was dilated to 8 by noon. The pain reliever was setting in and things were slowing down and they told me not to push or move until 1:45. At that time, the doctor came in to tell me that I was completely dilated and that they could break my water and you would pop out. However, we decided to wait until my water broke, which it did around 4:00p.m. At 4:00, the doctor came back into the room, talked to me about things, got prepped and ready to go. I remember looking at the clock at 4:15 thinking, how long are you going to make me push. At 4:15, the doctor said, “Let’s do this” and I pushed for 15 minutes and the sweetest little baby came rolling out and was put into my arms. You didn’t make a peep. You were so calm, gentle and tiny. You were officially born at 4:28 p.m. and I loved every minute of it. It was a wonderful experience much like your sisters. The nurses were wonderful and daddy was so proud. They checked all of your vitals and you were a healthy 7 pounds 9 ounces. When I looked at you, I fell in love with you instantly and thanked God that we were blessed to have you in our family.

love your mommy

Few more details

This picture was taken after the candy lady came!! Thank goodness!!

Candy Kathy and I... i nicknamed her because let me tell you... i thought i was too late for the epidural and after she relieved me....i was so well...high on candy!!

Dr. Johnson and I after delivery!!

Scarlett trying to figure out how to get the baby in or out, or get herself into the crib!!

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