Thursday, August 27, 2009

We were waiting to leave the hospital, so Willow and I were cuddling!!

She does cry believe it or not .... she is such a good baby!! Her shirt says little sister!!

Ryan decided to take 15 pictures of the room?? So i posted one because I was really released 24 hours after my delivery but decided to stay the 2nd night just for the benefit of everything. Anyways, the next morning at 9 I told them that we were ready for checkout and as you can see the clock on the wall shows 3:00.... ahhhh, it took forever, they had a lot of babies coming in ...oh well, the relaxing part was great!! ...(notice the tv...on sports...tiger i love my hubby)

Ok, as for the shower, well really... if you get a little grossed out don't read any further...

I told Ryan that no offense against men but a man designed and put the shower in for WOMEN giving birth. I wish they would have asked for like a survey of women that gave birth for some input. So this SUPPPER cute modern shower looks great right... well, the room is about a month old so i felt pretty good in the shower but the tile is beautiful but it doesn't funnle down into the drain so after you shower you have to attempt to rinse it out or something... and the head of the shower doesn't move off the wall... and if i was any bigger i probably wouldn't have fit in the shower.. anyways needless to say, i did shower and it was fine but i think they should have just put the money into the towels for when you get out!! thats all i am sayin
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