Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Big Girl

Update on my big girl!!

We have been in Florida for all of August now! (at least Scarlett and I have been which has been important) It has been nice to finally get back on some type of routine although a baby will come and that will all go down hill. We started potty training and sleeping in our big girl bed without a soother all at the same time.

After introducing the potty back in April and May... with all of the traveling this summer, we have finally tackled it down this month. I would say we are about 99% potty trained... she is doing great through nap and bedtime too. Its just every once an awhile that an accident happens... i didn't realize that staying in the same house, in the same town, in the same state can really make a

We will be back and traveling in a few months though after this baby is born!!

As for the big girl bed, she did great with giving up the soother and needs a little help getting to sleep at night but is doing great. She is getting up around 1 and 5 to use the potty and then goes back to sleep until 9....yep, we are finally sleeping in until 9... which comes weeks before it really doesn't matter anyway.

However, because of my daughter's problem with not eating fruit, we are back to giving her prune baby food but hey whatever works.

All of the grandparents are coming down in the next 4 weeks to help out... i go to the dr. on wed morning to see what exactly we are going to do with this little girl that is settled inside my belly!!


dog said...

That little one just doesn't want to come into this world. Once she sees her wonderfull mommy & daddy and little sister, she will wonder why whe waited so long to come into this world to see you all. Hope it is soon for you Jill. Take care, If you need anything just give us a call we are here for you all.

dog said...

Also glad everything worked out with Scarlett in her potty training.

Gardner's said...

Wow Scarlett is such a big girl! Good job Scarlett. Kora Lily is so proud of you! I am sooo happy that you are still keeping your blog up !!!