Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy weekend

If i don't end up posting this weekend, its one of two things...

i am having a baby
i am at the beach

on another note:
- we went to the park this morning for a birthday party...good times
- finishing our "little ladybugs" room
- trying to figure out what name we will use although i am still LOVING stella, and since i know my father in law loves it, it makes it such an easy decision.
- ryan is going to get his mom this afternoon and taking scarlett with him, i have a few errands to run...kidless!!
- going to the gym to truck another 3 miles to help this baby come out
- scarlett is beside her self about this baby, although i don't know how to explain that once it comes, it can't go back...

1 comment:

Gardner's said...

can't wait for this BABY! I hope you post lots of pictures! I am sooo sad we are going to miss being at the hospital the minute that you have this little girl.