Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun in the Snow

When we moved to Cincy, my husband tried to convince me that we would have mild winters, much milder then the north where we were raised.  It probably wouldn't even be cold, let alone snow.  It wouldn't be too drastic, moving back from Florida.  I mean we were in Florida for almost 5 years, I may as well have become a native.  I don't think it helped that we lived miles from the beach.  It was so natural to go to the beach.  We knew it would be short lived, but we tried to ignore it.  We love Florida but we are LOVING us some serious snow.  Now, off to buy another few pairs of boots that are "allowed" to touch snow.
The kids enjoying our winter wonderland.
We couldn't let Lane sleep through the snow either.
So we tossed him on the sled and he had fun too. (minus the pink sled)
Actually, I think the girls enjoyed it more!
The sled was a hit!
After going all over the back yard, they adventured to the front yard.
The snowman was beginning to take shape!
They were working hard on this little guy!
The girls LOVED the finished result of Mr. Snowman!
I tried to tell the girls about drinking hot chocolate when you come in from being cold, but they are obviously showing signs of living in Florida for most of their life...they were NOT impressed!
They even built forts on the back patio and threw snowballs at Daddy.  Needless to say, we are enjoying the cold, its great for the kids and they are loving the snow!! 
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Wayne County

After we opened up presents in Cincy with our own little family, we ventured to Wayne County to do our extended Christmas activities!!
My sister and hubby with her 8 children!
The kids having fun at Grandma Hartzler's.
Then, we were off to Ryan's dad's and enjoyed the twins opening presents too!
Nana made some yummy soups for the evening and we think this is going to be a great tradition!
The Butler girls were going to town on their stockings!
The girls love to give pappaw "peas" because they know he doesn't like them.
the girls love spending time with their cousins....
Scarlett thanking Grandma Hartzler for her gift!
We were attempting a "snow photo shoot" but
well, we sorta got one picture
But the group picture was turning into a snow storm....
We had to throw in the towel and just get a picture of mommy and daddy
We went to Granmda I-I's too
Uncle Dan is so great with the kids!
The girls got missme jeans and my sister, Amy trying to pretend she is cool too. 

The girls got some under-armor too so they were beyond stoked! (Sidenote: check out my nephew Cooper in the background all dressed up, ha)

Then, we have my single, no drama brother who I hardly ever get in pictures, and this was the only one I found.  We had a Merry Christmas and we hope you all did too.  We love to enjoy the real reason for the season and also enjoy all the extra stuff like visiting with family.  
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Our family Christmas

This year we had an amazing Christmas!  We spend Christmas Eve at our home church, then woke up in our own house and enjoyed Christmas the way we plan to each year!
The girls LOVEd the stockings!
Our goal was to wrap every little item, because really all they want to do is open stuff, even if its junk!
Even Lane got in on the action!
Daddy and Lane opening presents!
Lane doesn't even know what it is....
Our girls love them some American girl doll stuff!
Yes, this was Willow's doll that she decided to put by Lane....
Poor Lane, he is always getting attacked, stacked and hugged by Willow.
The girls finally slowed down long enough to enjoy their calico critter stuff!
Then, we had one last surprise.
They were so excited to get their "jeeper" that they really wanted with a snow sleigh in tow.
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

So this year I decided to wrap 25 books for the kids to open each day in December.  It went great until about day 4....ha, kidding.  We really did great with these books and had a different story everyday, and they loved opening a present too!  This is our Ohio State Tree!!
Willow bean decorating the "ornament tree"
We basically call this our Charlie Brown tree as my mom gave us this tree when we first got married (I think because she had it for 20+ years too)
We made homemade goodies!
Of course, they LOVED the cut-outs.
Don't worry, the ones they slobbered on, licked up, sprinkled and spit on.... I didn't serve them.  You can see my "gold tree" in the background!
Just loved what they did with the cut outs!
I made some "lights" and actually ended up pretty impressed with my baking abilities.
Of course, I ordered some from Julie Baumans Sweet Shoppe too!  Not sure if you can click on her fb link HERE!  They were amazing and you can ship them anywhere in the country too!
I really enjoyed adding more to our Ohio State Tree this year.  I especially love the helmet on top!
This is the beginning of my "6th Tree" it will be the "Smucker Tree." in the future!  I can't wait to show you the end result next year as I finally came up with an idea of how to "show Smucker" product on the tree.
This is our girls Christmas tree turned Valentine's Day Tree.  I have added some more to the tree but at least its a start!  We are on the crisp of February!!!
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