Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Scarlett

Happy Birthday to my sweet, rainbow lovin, girly girl, headband wearer, jewelry lover, best biggest sister, giver of kindness, loving God little 6 year old!!!
Mommy loves you so much and who you are becoming!
We had so much fun planning your "Rainbow Art Party."
You invited just girls from school, church, family and neighbors.
We did all sorts of crafts, art and fun!
You love your sister so much and I hope that you have learned to keep it that way!  We hope that you will always strive hard to get along and have a beautiful relationship.
You adore the little neighbor girls who have become such good friends (along with your cousin Kora too).
When we visit Chickfila, you love to talk to Sassy the Clown.
So we thought it would be fun to invite her to your party!
You are on the cusp of being "too big girl" but we invited her anyway!
I mean who doesn't love a clown!
You told her you were 6 but that I tell you to stay little all the time!
We hope you forever enjoy every ounce of life, just like a clown would.
We know you are a little shy but that you can stand up for what you believe.
We wish much happiness in your life and many years to come!
and not to forget the sweet memories in life.
or the aftermath of a full blown party!
Scarlett Elizabeth, You are the best oldest sister ever.  Willow and Lane adore you and we are so blessed that you are loving and caring towards them.  
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