Sunday, December 28, 2008

Then they arrive

Then he arrives....
In a horse drawn buick...
Coming to save the day....
Bringing baked goods...

It's Uncle Curtie!! He is staying for the whole month of January. We have been waiting, anticipating, being patient, excited, overwhelmed.

We were even more excited that Brad came along too. Brad is our cousin who is staying for a week.

Even more exciting, ADAM BALTIC arrived for less than 24 hours. (Milan was on a 24 hour adventure to visit his very sick brother) so we got to take Adam to the beach for the first time and do all sorts of exciting things!

Scarlett didn't know what to think as they dunked Adam in the ocean (ok, they seriously made him cry...but that was because a wave, imagine that, came out of no where, they said)

Scarlett didn't know what to think as they arrived at 6:30 a.m. and just arrived. After Adam woke up, scarlett went busting into the spare bedroom to look for more...but they were only big kids (Curt and Brad). She was distraught, she was saying where, and putting her hands up like "what is going on?"
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Scarlett and her tea party

This was probably one of the most precious pictures I have ever taken.

I went to look for Scarlett.
Sometimes she hides when she poo's.
Sometimes she sneaks out the front door or into the garage.
Sometimes she is sitting on the potty.
Sometimes she is buried in mommy and daddys bed
Sometimes she is on daddys desk, yep, ON the desk, hurling things as fast as she can.
Sometimes, she is under the kitchen table putting babies to sleep
But not this time.

I walked into Scarlett's little play area.
She was giving her babies a tea party with the new tea set she got.
She had all her babies on her new table giving them tea.

I thought these things just happened in books
but little girls actually come up with this stuff
I wasn't sure why she was pouring tea on the floor but thats ok

It is so cute!!
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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last minute, we went over to Trista's house to play.

Scarlett loved the bounce house

Loved playing in the sandbox with Mason

Loved playing in the clubhouse with Jesalyn and Trista.

Winked to mommy about how much fun she was having!!
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Beach Day

Scarlett loves the beach. On Saturday after Christmas it was beautiful so we went to Matantas. We love the beach because we can drive on.

Scarlett and daddy catching seashells..i am not kidding.

scarlett was loving her new nets!!

she moved on from the net (she couldn't get any) to the more simple, practical way...mommys way of picking up
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Leaves in December

The day after Christmas!!
All through Florida
Leaves have been falling
that we haven't done.

Scarlett loved to run and play
all through the leaves
as daddy kept raking
she kept frockling

So on through the day
she just wouldn't stop

so we bagged them all up
and she wanted to sit on top!!

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Little Engine that COULD

This post is mostly for my most domestic family. Use freezers, homemade food, bake everything, use gardens, make things from scratch.

For all those people that didn't think that the little engine could.

The shrimp did come from a frozen pack with shrimp sauce.

The homemade peanut butter pie. My first official pie that I ever made. (I didn't make the crust because I didn't want to get to crazy)
Peanut butter is pretty much Ryan's favorite food. (Good thing he sells it)

Homemade mashed potatoes. The recipe comes from Ryan's aunt, Aunt Brenda. He said, "lets have Aunt Brenda's mashed potatoes" Ok, lets get all over that I thought. So I called her for the recipe. It really wasn't as hard as I thought. It was the first time I have ever made the potatoes from scratch. (Ryan sells Hungary Jack potatoes too) so this might not happen often!

The NEW grill...(read on another post) grilled those yummy steaks right up, put a few sauteed mushrooms on them and YUMMY. I made some corn and bread.

Our meal was really yummy.
I felt like I officially graduated out of my family.
I felt like since I really am the only blond, that I finally fit it.
I felt a little domestic, I think it scared Ryan.
I felt pretty good, and i think i am going to keep making things from scratch.
I felt like a Great Housewife, never have I felt so deseperate for the next day, to eat pizza out of the box!
I felt like Scarlett really didn't see the difference!! lol
I felt like it kind of bothered Ryan, he wasn't sure if I was for real.
I felt like the next time, i make everything from scratch... could possible be next Christmas!
I felt like the little engine that could!
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Scarlett is really into babies

She puts them to sleep!!

She rubs their backs!!

She was trying to figure out how to put babies on the tractor puzzle!!

Sidenote: the rug with the road map on it, was for trucks. We got her trucks thinking she would want to play some trucks and cars. She figured out something different. We were laughing so hard, and she couldn't understand why!!
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Merry Christmas to everyone! Put quite frankly, we finally finished opening presents around New Year's. Scarlett was so into every gift that she would play with it for about an hour and then we would have to force her to rip open the next gift. We were very blessed to have such a wonderful year with family and friends. Much of our family completely spoiled us, it was out of control. Most importantly Scarlett had a great time.

As we wonder if we took the real reason out of Christmas, I sat and pondered about things. Jesus received many gifts on his birthday and giving gifts shows that we are celebrating with him and to him. Scarlett on the other hand really didn't understand the gift opening nor do we think she knows completely about Jesus. Although she knows to pray and loves her songs, I guess its a work in progress.

Jesus was born in a stable, from what I gather, not much family was around. Well, this year we celebrated with just Ryan, myself and Scarlett. I think its ok for one year at least. We had a very relaxing day and week. Actually really, quite quiet. Not much family was around.

As you view our pictures, enjoy and have a wonderful year and a wonderful Christmas.

Scarlett got a changing table. She LOVES to change babies. Put cream on them and whatever else she does.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Ashley got her a tractor that made noise. She just loved it. Also, she got the Ohio State Cheerleading outfit for Christmas and just HAD TO WEAR IT!! (she has about 3 pairs of panties on she thinks she has to wear the whole pack)
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Late Christmas

After Christmas dinner and opening presents. We went to the beach. It was nice to go out and just walk in the sand for a little. We weren't sure how many times in our lives we would be able to walk on the beach on Christmas Day! While at the beach, I was able to talk to most of my family at my Grandpa and Grandma Hartzlers. I heard that the skits that everyone did was so funny. Try to look under Joy's blog (on my followers to the right side of the page) to see my family at the gatherings.

The Ronks (the other Jill and Ryan) invited us over for Christmas but we passed. However, later that night, we went over to visit Jill's family in from Canada. It was nice to visit with them for a while and meet her family. Macklya is her oldest niece and we made her show us some moves, it was crazy. I thought that my full tummy was going to explode.

This is the game... Scarlett follows Grayson everywhere and he loves it!!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Scarlett ready for Christmas Eve Service!!
Nicki Chizmadia took her bridesmaid dress from our wedding and had a little dress made for Scarlett for Christmas. It was so special and adorable. We had a lot of people ask about it, they just loved it. (they actually thought little domestic me made it, oh, how i couldn't even lie about it)

Scarlett frockling in our front lawn in her dress! Merry Christmas!!

The very exciting news this Christmas and it happened on Christmas eve was the engagement of Ashley Butler (Ryan's sister) and Dan Hilty! We are so excited as we have another wedding in the air!!

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The Grill

So I am on the phone to my mom...
really quite funny
telling her about Scarlett's lovely artwork...see below post
Ryan comes in with his Christmas present(or so thats what he says)
we JUST have to grill our steaks for Christmas
(our grill blew up about 3 months ago and I wouldn't let him use it anymore)
I was on the phone, (now i was mad at Scarlett for not being a good listener...i was staring at our furniture)
I hear this loud truck outside
It's Ryan...your kidding he rented a truck to bring the grill
I can't tell you how hard my mother and I were laughing
The only thing I cared about was cost
He yells, only like 20$
Yah Ryan, it says right on the truck 79$

(i will have to take a picture of the grill)

He really didn't pay that much it ended up being like 20!!! lol
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Markers....what markers???

So it begins like this.... (don't pee your pants, i almost did)

You always hear stories about giving your kids markers
Seriously, who gives their kids markers
Who actually doesn't watch their child when they have markers especially on Christmas Eve
Why wouldn't your well-behaved child just know to draw on paper
It just doesn't happen, does it??

Well, the story goes like this....
Daddy was watching Scarlett for about 40 minutes
On mommy's way home, she receives a panic call
D=daddy M=mommy O=one bad girl

D=who gave Scarlett a marker
M=not home yet, but i will see
D=you are never going to believe this
M=yep, I can believe anything
D=Scarlett is in her crib, she wrote on every piece of furniture, i don't know where she got the PERMANENT MARKER
M= (tried to cover her mouth and not laugh to death)
D=well, say something, what do i do
M=you scared me, i thought it was worse
(this is a picture where Scarlett is suppose to use markers)

Mommy arrives home
D= look, can you believe this
M=wow, great artwork Scarlett
D=this isn't funny, she just ruined our furniture
M=I know, honey, you think that you can do other things while watching our daughter but you just can't(which is why the house isn't clean, no supper on the table, and laundry is piling.... but I DIDNT SAY IT)
D= all i did was go in my office for like a minute... seriously why do you leave markers out
M=honey, I didn't give her a marker...
(Mommy goes and gets a hysterical baby girl out of the crib)(Mommy calms O down)

M= Scarlett, can you go put back this marker because this was not nice, and mommy and daddy are very mad
O= (tottles off too daddy's desk to put it back where she found it)

One down!!

Two Down

Three down

Don't worry, we have more pictures but the ending is yet to come!!

D= worried about buying new furniture...he is on line looking up ways to get it out
M=thinks we should give her other colors to finish her artwork
O=points to it and says no, no
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