Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Little Engine that COULD

This post is mostly for my most domestic family. Use freezers, homemade food, bake everything, use gardens, make things from scratch.

For all those people that didn't think that the little engine could.

The shrimp did come from a frozen pack with shrimp sauce.

The homemade peanut butter pie. My first official pie that I ever made. (I didn't make the crust because I didn't want to get to crazy)
Peanut butter is pretty much Ryan's favorite food. (Good thing he sells it)

Homemade mashed potatoes. The recipe comes from Ryan's aunt, Aunt Brenda. He said, "lets have Aunt Brenda's mashed potatoes" Ok, lets get all over that I thought. So I called her for the recipe. It really wasn't as hard as I thought. It was the first time I have ever made the potatoes from scratch. (Ryan sells Hungary Jack potatoes too) so this might not happen often!

The NEW grill...(read on another post) grilled those yummy steaks right up, put a few sauteed mushrooms on them and YUMMY. I made some corn and bread.

Our meal was really yummy.
I felt like I officially graduated out of my family.
I felt like since I really am the only blond, that I finally fit it.
I felt a little domestic, I think it scared Ryan.
I felt pretty good, and i think i am going to keep making things from scratch.
I felt like a Great Housewife, never have I felt so deseperate for the next day, to eat pizza out of the box!
I felt like Scarlett really didn't see the difference!! lol
I felt like it kind of bothered Ryan, he wasn't sure if I was for real.
I felt like the next time, i make everything from scratch... could possible be next Christmas!
I felt like the little engine that could!
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