Sunday, December 21, 2008


We had our first Christmas today with the other Jill and Ryan. We thought since we really didn't have much other family in the area we would start a little tradition. (ok, we have no family in the area, so we pretend). Anyways, we ordered wings from Houligans (since that is where we met them) and we had lots of appetizers and yummy food. The best part was letting Grayson and Scarlett decorate the gingerbread house.

As for pictures: I don't plug my camera into my computer everyday to download (i know i am lazy) so pictures will probably appear on these posts days after!

Thoughts for the day:
- I have a Christmas Party on monday with all of my friends from Scarlett's playdate, and I miss them so much because since I am working in the morning at the preschool we dont' get to see them on a regular basis (although some of the work too).

- I have decided that i have about 2 more gifts for Ryan to get.

- Ryan is suppose to go to his welcome visit on monday to the dentist and just told me he is taking people out to eat...ahhh, this is the 3rd time i have had to cancel, they are going to kick us out of that office! (between me and you, and you know all of my teeth problems, i like to keep the teeth guys happy). I can't ever schedule an appointment because he is always travelling last minute and then i have to cancel and we won't keep rambling on.

- we miss our family, especially around this time!

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racinsailor said...

Hi Jill,
The next time you have a dentist appointment and can not keep it, do not cancel. Call us to see if we can take you or mind Scarlet or both. Scarlett would like it and we would love it.