Sunday, December 07, 2008


Getting back into the swing of things can sometimes be hard... especially when you are unpacking after about 3 weeks of traveling...aka Ryan. First, he took Scarlett up to Ohio in the middle of November, then I met him for the week and half of Thanksgiving and then directly from Ohio he flew to well... where ever he went.

Anyways, needless to say 4-5 suitcases later, by the 15th of December I am finally half way caught up and he is gone for the week again. Oh, well... Smuckers does treat him well, actually really well, besides all the traveling.. I guess Scarlett and I could go with him, but i want her on some type of routine. She really does love planes and hears them quicker then any of us.

The first week back was busy, as Scarlett and I were back to school. We had a playdate on Thursday with Landon (Candy came too... it was just girls)... her hubby is gone except just a skip away at the hospital doing surgeries.

We had a party for Scarlett at school for her birthday and then we had a low key little birthday her at the house...just the three of us. We figured one party was good enough.

Happy Birthday to Dylan and Hayley... as they were born the same time as Scarlett, in the same hospital, by the best of friends.

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