Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone! Put quite frankly, we finally finished opening presents around New Year's. Scarlett was so into every gift that she would play with it for about an hour and then we would have to force her to rip open the next gift. We were very blessed to have such a wonderful year with family and friends. Much of our family completely spoiled us, it was out of control. Most importantly Scarlett had a great time.

As we wonder if we took the real reason out of Christmas, I sat and pondered about things. Jesus received many gifts on his birthday and giving gifts shows that we are celebrating with him and to him. Scarlett on the other hand really didn't understand the gift opening nor do we think she knows completely about Jesus. Although she knows to pray and loves her songs, I guess its a work in progress.

Jesus was born in a stable, from what I gather, not much family was around. Well, this year we celebrated with just Ryan, myself and Scarlett. I think its ok for one year at least. We had a very relaxing day and week. Actually really, quite quiet. Not much family was around.

As you view our pictures, enjoy and have a wonderful year and a wonderful Christmas.

Scarlett got a changing table. She LOVES to change babies. Put cream on them and whatever else she does.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Ashley got her a tractor that made noise. She just loved it. Also, she got the Ohio State Cheerleading outfit for Christmas and just HAD TO WEAR IT!! (she has about 3 pairs of panties on she thinks she has to wear the whole pack)
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