Thursday, December 18, 2008

bad day or good day... you decide

Great day!! Ryan is coming home tonight!

Bad day!! Scarlett would not stop fussing! (i think she knows that her Binky is going to be taken from her this weekend... she really only sleeps with it but it is killing me) I can't imagine putting her to sleep without here it the plan.

Let her go to sleep with it... then, creep in later and take it out and then she will never miss it...right!! Well, i think it will work, i am just not sure about putting her in the crib and her magically falling asleep in 5 minutes... i think we are lazy, we will see!!

TO be continued...

Bad Day!! Scarlett would not stop fussing! Maybe its because we have heaping boxes at the door for Christmas (yes, thank you for spoiling us) and she wants to open them, because SOMEONE said oh, look it says your name and she points to it. hey, at least she can recognize her name (or at least the S)

To be continued...

Bad Day!! Scarlett would not stop fussing! I love to blame it on teething!!

Bad Day!! Scarlett would not stop fussing! She officially stands at the door and says dada and puts her hands up like seriously "where is he" (i don't think ryan reads this blog, so he wont know that actually his daughter thinks he has left that is not funny) he really would be heart broken to know this..

Bad Day!! Scarlett would not stop fussing! All i wanted to do was take her to Target and the book store (since we just became with the times and have a Target within a 40 mile radius) to look around at the toys, maybe pick up a few things and just hang out at the bookstore... we may as well been kicked out of the bookstore! (i did get ryan a christmas present... believe it or not, in the 15 minutes that i was able to LOOK as Scarlett demolished the place. have you ever pretended that you weren't sure who made the mess, that was so not me tonight... i was like who took all those books off that shelf... needless to say the spanking in the car, didn't help as I went on to Target, well, we won't get into that, I should have just know, today was not a good day!!

Bad Day will turn better... it is 10:38 p.m.... Ryan should be home by 11:00... if his plane was on time!!


CristinB said...

Good luck with taking away the binkie!! We are going to need good luck in that department too!! Our thoughts are...we are telling Avery that Santa needs her binkie for a new little baby and that she is supposed to leave it by the cookies and milk for him. We will see!!

mammabaltic said...

For Megan we cut the nipple off and let her hold the binkie a few nights....just to pro-longs it!! LOL! I think Scarlett sounds like she needs a spoiled trip to OHIO...hahahaha! Cooper was fussy the last couple days too....Yep, I think it's teeth!!!

Gardner's said...

Sounds like you and Amy both had a rough day this past week.. I better watch out..mine are coming in 10 weeks!!!