Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Masters

I have left some great people and best friends in Ohio. I have moved to Florida and decided I need to make the best of life since I am living here for a while. I really have the best of both worlds. The girls here in the state of Florida really surprised me when I walked in to have sushi the other night and was greeted with an encore of girls singing, as I walked the platform graduating in my pink high heel shoes that I was suppose to wear to Ashland University. I officially have my masters in adminstration. Someday I plan to use it... i will tell you about my hubby's gift later. Anyways, above is a picture of me walking the runway.

Picture Of my PINK SHOES that one of my bestest friends(aka Trick POny... aka Nicki) bought for me to walk in graduation in!! I just love them and the girls got a kick out of them.
A dear friend, Melissa (a teacher) made this dipolma for me with pink heels and it even said they remembered??? (the other Jill was behind this all)
Of course, i had to post the girls!! They are all so wonderful and I am honored to have met each of them!! Thank you for a wonderful memory!!!

OH, about my gift from my hubby. As most of you know someday I would like to open my own preschool. It has been my dream (unless Obama makes it become part of our public school systems) anyways, I want to run a top of the line, awesome authentic education center where students can express many different ways of learning. So in the past few weeks we have discussed purchasing the old schoolhouse (located in Ohio) on the corner of 585 and benner. Anyways, we have went in on the purchase and now own it, along with my brother, my dad and grandpa! It has a house and an awesome schoolhouse on it. However, and I say However, if its not the best interest in the future to open a preschool then we will make that decision then. Until then, my hubby is still wondering where his simple flatscreen tv is (it has been put behind my awesome kitchen table, my kirby sweeper, our schoolhouse, and i am thinking a pool heater (especially in dec( would be nice) OH, and i forgot, I am getting a new SUV. Poor Ryan..
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CristinB said...

Congrats Jill on earning your masters!! Also, congrats to you and Ryan on purchasing the old schoolhouse...that's exciting :o) Tom, Avery and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas....we will miss you this year.

Connie said...

Congratulations! And I think regardless of whether preschool becomes part of the public school system, sort of like it already has begun to be here in FL with VPK, there will always be a demand for private top notch education. I can see you running an amazing school! :-)

Angie and Brian said...

Congrats on everything girl! I am so proud of you getting your Masters done along with EVERYTHING else you've been juggling these last couple years! Way to go! And I love love love the pink shoes! Wish that preschool would open in the next couple years so my kids can go :)

Jill said...

thanks everyone... thanks connie, until then I have the honor of working with Justin!! I really just can't wait!!