Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Grill

So I am on the phone to my mom...
really quite funny
telling her about Scarlett's lovely artwork...see below post
Ryan comes in with his Christmas present(or so thats what he says)
we JUST have to grill our steaks for Christmas
(our grill blew up about 3 months ago and I wouldn't let him use it anymore)
I was on the phone, (now i was mad at Scarlett for not being a good listener...i was staring at our furniture)
I hear this loud truck outside
It's Ryan...your kidding he rented a truck to bring the grill
I can't tell you how hard my mother and I were laughing
The only thing I cared about was cost
He yells, only like 20$
Yah Ryan, it says right on the truck 79$

(i will have to take a picture of the grill)

He really didn't pay that much it ended up being like 20!!! lol
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