Thursday, January 31, 2013

See ya January

We went out for a night of Hibachi with some couples from church.

The girls favorite "night time" book.

Playdate with sweet Ben, who is in Willow's class at school.

The girls working on school work.

We frequent the dr offices!!

Little Lane got an x-ray on his foot.

Willow loves to be in her own world....she is playing with little people and they are all getting married.

Winter Swimming lessons for the girls.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phone overload

Before Christmas we went with the Hampton's to their church for a multiple nativity scene show.

This was one of the hundreds of little nativities that were on display.  It was soo very cool to see all the nativities from different countries too.

These girls have just become great friends.  However, they will be moving to the Nashville area soon and we are going to miss them.

Speaking of moving.  This was Jen and Corin on their moving day too!  It seems that we meet people and then they move, what is going on with that?

Pappaw with the Willow bean.

Scarlett has been getting some ultrasounds so that we can get some answers to her UTI issues. 

Love our little girly girl heading to basketball!!!

Willow got this backpack in the mail from the Ronk family and it made her day!  She colored and colored and then colored some more!

I started to document how many times we went to the dr for Scarlett's UTI problems...poor girl!

After Scarlett's birthday, she was all about the clown, and began to dress up as one to play!

On Scarlett's birthday we went out to Max and Erma's, I don't get in a lot of pictures so I was glad that the hubby snapped this!

Scarlett loving her card from Grandma Bonnie/papa....  Hope you enjoyed this random post!  It's hard because lately I have been taking pictures with my phone which is making it even harder to blog. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Date night

Finally enjoying the perks of living in Ohio and the sports teams.  It was hard to be a sports fan in the state of Florida.

We had great seats, and I am pretty sure we were watching the Bengals.

I am usually more interested in the boots or the surroundings of a game.

We met up with our cousin, Crystal at the game.  She lives away at college but her parents live in Cincy.  So thankful for some great babysitters so that we could sneak out for the night!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sweet Candy

I really am so blessed.  I know God has plans in all of this.  But I truly have some amazing friends across the state, country and world.  Candy's husband set up this trip as a surprise for Candy to open on Christmas - yes, to come visit me....don't laugh.  I felt sorta bad as she was flying to "cold Ohio to see me." but I was going to take it. 
We sorta met when I first moved to Florida but our friendship just grew as the years did.  We started to do life together and when that happens you are bound to find an amazing friendship.
The support that I have from these girls is just amazing!  I am always up-lifted when I hang with these girls.  You want to talk about encouragers.
The cool part is that the hubbys are not only supportive to each other as well, but they are supportive in what their wives need.  They are in tune to us, our friendship!
I just love this picture as my girl is just stunning!  (and yes, I am like 4+months pregnant)
Days before we moved from Florida, we spent the day at the beach.  Thankful for those precious memories.
Thankful for our kids friendship!
While she was here, we got up super early to hit Scarlett's first UpWard game and then we were off for the day.
I snapped this picture real quick as it was at the local little breakfast place we went to....I had never been there and it was so cute!  Everything was from Ohio, so it was nice to show this Floridan girl around.  Click here to check out Wildflower Cafe.
So thankful and blessed that God placed Candy and her family in our life.  What a memorable weekend!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Spoiled Willow

A very long time ago, like back in October.  My parents came into town to help out with the kids....or something like that.
Of course Willow bean was all over that and traveled with the grandparents for the day.
I think she will have ACE hardware in her blood!  Dad was looking at a store in the south part of the state so Willow tagged along!
All she probably wanted to do was ride in "the van." - yes, we have deprived our kids....we don't own a mini-van and they really, really want one!
Oh the that spoiled and sillly Willow.
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Saturday, January 05, 2013

UpWard Basketball

So, another UPward season has begun.  After cheering for football, which Scarlett LOVED.  We decided that we were going to put Scarlett in basketball instead of cheering for basketball.  She needed to try something different, as much as she expressed that she was NOT interested.
Honestly, we are super proud of her!  She is super little and super disinterested in basketball.  We love that she is trying it and attempting to learn.
We want her to try hard in life no matter what the situation is.
She is our soft spoken, kind hearted little girl and we wouldn't trade it for anything.
While she is learning about the game of basketball, she is learning about bigger things in life = her eternity!  We love that they take the children into the middle and talk to them about the scripture.  What a blessing this is to our children. 
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Friday, January 04, 2013

oh Ms. Jenna

Way back in the hay day in Florida, I met a girl named Jenna who I have blogged about her here and there.  Her family is from the Ohio area, about 45 minutes away.  She was in town to visit them over Christmas, so her and her sweet family came over for taco night.
My girls adore her!
She has a heart of gold!  So excited that she will be moving back to the southern Ohio area soon!  She was a teacher down in St. Augustine and taught that hard math stuff to those high school kids.  We are so glad that she is going to be so close to us!
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