Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quick stop

Friends from northern Ohio were down in the Cincy area, so they stopped by with their two little ones for a few hours Memorial Day weekend.  It was wonderful to visit with Jared and Leslie Lance.  They came down to see us in Florida too, as they stayed in Ormond Beach.  It is so nice to see our kids growing up together.  Peyton and Morgan are around the same age as Scarlett and Willow.  It was a wonderful afternoon last minute grill out kind of day!!!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nana and Pappaw

While we were away, the kids were able to play, play, play!!!
Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend, so the kids, nana, pappaw and Uncle Alex were at the pool most of the time.
I am pretty sure it was because it was over 90 and it was super hot.
The girls were excited to get back into the pool.  We were in the pool and at the beach a few times before we moved so they didn't quite understand why we couldn't swim yet.
The girls were spoiled and taken out to eat.  I guess rumor has it that Willow pounded her meal.
Uncle Alex lives about an hour or so from our house in Columbus.  So he joined in the babysitting weekend.
My little princess girls at dinner.
This picture is too cute, check out Willow's face.
Thanks Nana, Pappaw and Uncle Alex for taking the girls for the weekend.  They had so much fun and mommy/daddy had  a great time!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indy 500

For a quick weekend trip, Ryan and I drove to Indy for the weekend.  It was kind of planned out of the fact that Candy and Darren were going to the Indy 500 for a little weekend getaway.  It was only about a 2 hour drive so we thought why not try it.  After having life group with them for the past few years, kids growing up together and enjoying our Parkview family, it was great to meet them. 
We went out to dinner a few nights and had so much fun.  We had to get a picture outside this random "beaver" saloon.
To say that it was HOT is an understatement.  It was like 100degrees, and I am being for real.
The heat wasn't going to chase this race fan away.  She loves her some racin.
We got a few pictures down by the track.  This was the first race I have been to.
To watch these cars go around this track is amazing.  I could not believe how fast they were going, it was so cool. 
Doug, who works with Ryan in Cincinnati drove over to the races too.  He brought his son, Coren and he said he did great!!!
We had a wonderful weekend.  We are so thankful for Nana and Pappaw who babysat the kids while we had a quick weekend get away.  We are so thankful to continue to see our friends in Florida too.  It was nice to get away before the next baby comes.  Last but not least, shhhhh.....we slept in one of the days too!!!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Where's Waldo?

We have been meaning to go into Daddy's office and decorate it with a few things.  In this picture, Willow is VERY concerned about the candy bowl.
The plants were intended for the desk but they thought it would look best in front of the window.  However, by the time we left you would have never known a circus came through there.  Maybe I will grab a picture of his office with pictures and the whole nine yards when it is finished. 
I know....random, picture....well, I found about 20 of these pictures on my camera.....I challenge you to see what all of the following pictures have in common besides a road and cars....

.YES, Scarlett took these and told me what she was taking pictures of after I asked who had my camera...I just about fell off my chair laughing.
Scarlett was taking picture of......ha....

Red Cars.  
I had to go back through the pictures and she was right, she had taken about 20 pictures of the red cars passing by Daddy's office....
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cats and Kora

Scarlett and Willow love the little kitty's at Grandma Hartzler's house.
The rumor is.....that the girls waited inside the glass doors until the little babies emerged from the pool deck.  They talked for days about those little kitty's.  They said that Grandma said they could have one, but I told them that probably wouldn't go over so well with mommy and daddy.  I asked Scarlett if she knew that the "Cute, adorable little kitty would get bigger."  She said, when the little cutie gets bigger we will give it back to Grandma...ha
The biggest reason that the girls were in town for a few short days was because of a little birthday celebration for Kora.
Aunt Joy was hosting a tea party for Kora, and had it during the day so that the girls could come up and attend the party.
They were so excited to be wearing tutus and heels.
They made crafts, jewelry and all sorts of things.
The decorations were adorable and the girls brought home some souvenirs.
Thanks Kora for the tea party at your house.  Scarlett and Willow had so much fun!!
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While the girls were in town for short weekend, they were able to go to Grandma I-I's too.  Willow was all over Becca and Leah!!
It is so nice they can float around from grandparents house so that they can see everyone when they are in town.
Willow and Scarlett lovin on the twins.
Aunt Ashley with her girls
The girls playing together with all of grandma's toys.
Grandma I-I with 2 of her four grandchildren.
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Weekend with grandparents

Last weekend, my parents met me half way and picked up the girls for a quick last minute weekend.
The girls were probably on overload all weekend with all of their cousins but here they are just chillin out with my mom and dad eating ice cream.
The three amigo's
Playing play-doh with Kora
You can't go to papa's house without a tractor ride. (i think I have a picture of when i was two on the back of this wagon!)
Having some fun in the pool on Sunday afternoon.
My sister Joy's husband, Sam holding little Cray.
I gave my mom my little camera to take pictures of the weekend, so I am really not sure what was going on at this point besides the fact that it looks like they are "laying out."
Willow finds trains or lines things up no matter where she is at.
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