Saturday, May 05, 2012


For Christmas this past year, I got this awesome laminator from an exchange on our Butler side.  I have been wanting one for years. I didn't want one that was hundreds of dollars but one that I can run into Target and get refill paper.  I am STOKED.  I love it.  This was the first time I used it and I absolutely love it!  I am laminating a few things for the girls for their learning time.
Thanks to my sister in law, Ash, who got it for me.  She is an awesome momma to these little pretties below....
Just maybe I will be able to laminate a few things for them too!
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Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I'm a teacher and love my personal laminator! I use it for things at home with my own kids as well, it comes in soooo handy! Are those twin nieces you have?! I have twin girls and twin nieces, too!

Jill said...

Yes...these little girls are my nieces and they are twins. The mom (my sister in law) is a teacher too. Her blog is along my blog, called brick house something. Thanks for stopping by!!