Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bai Saw

I had to grab a picture of the thing that continues to trip me as I walk through the hallways of our house.
I love that its trains and ballet slippers.
However, after playing we decided to run to the outlets near our house to eat and play.
I know I posted this on Facebook, when Scarlett ordered her rice from the Chinease station, she said, "Can I have some Bai Saw."  Which means white rice in Kymer, which is the language they speak in Cambodia.  And no we don't speak another language just a few words here and there that I picked up or remember.  Thought it was too cute so I had to grab a picture of their favorite food!
I thought for sure at the park I could get a CUTE picture....well, I got one.
Because then it turned into this....
and then the staring contest begins, oh well, at least we got one.
Of course a trip to any "shopping place" always consist of riding these guys.
The day that someone comes and puts a quarter in one of the machines we are done.  My girls think that they are "broken" so they just ride and ride without them actually moving.  Loved my day with the girls.  Feeling so blessed spending this time with them before Scarlett starts Kindergarten in the fall. 
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