Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nana and Pappaw

While we were away, the kids were able to play, play, play!!!
Our neighborhood pool opened this weekend, so the kids, nana, pappaw and Uncle Alex were at the pool most of the time.
I am pretty sure it was because it was over 90 and it was super hot.
The girls were excited to get back into the pool.  We were in the pool and at the beach a few times before we moved so they didn't quite understand why we couldn't swim yet.
The girls were spoiled and taken out to eat.  I guess rumor has it that Willow pounded her meal.
Uncle Alex lives about an hour or so from our house in Columbus.  So he joined in the babysitting weekend.
My little princess girls at dinner.
This picture is too cute, check out Willow's face.
Thanks Nana, Pappaw and Uncle Alex for taking the girls for the weekend.  They had so much fun and mommy/daddy had  a great time!
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