Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Keep the girls happy

So our local grocery store has these little mini carts
The girls LOVE the cart.  Love isn't even the right word.  If I am ever having a difficult day, we go to the store, buy a drink and a cookie, put it in the cart = super excited, made the girls kinda day.
On another note, we have been visiting different churches since we moved to Cincy.  I treated the girls for lunch since they have been rock stars visiting different churches.  (Scarlett asked if the restaurant was cold because it was called Chili's).  While the church hunting hasn't been so hot, at least we know where all the hot spots are to eat.
See what entertains us while we wait for our food....a camera and some chips.
Outside the plaza where we ate, they were having a "dog adoption."  My girls fell in love with this dog, Maddie.  (i think because we have a niece Maddie).  Anyways, they loved the dog, until the trainer took the dog out of the cage.  The girls were hiding behind me like no other, and y'all know me, I am not about to touch the dog.  Seriously, we all looked like a hot mess.  However, the whole way home they begged for the dog and decided that the dog could sit between them in the SUV....really, girls, you won't even touch the moving animal. Doesn't it sound like they are starting to warm up to the dog idea?  Now if we can just get daddy on board...ha
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