Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cats and Kora

Scarlett and Willow love the little kitty's at Grandma Hartzler's house.
The rumor is.....that the girls waited inside the glass doors until the little babies emerged from the pool deck.  They talked for days about those little kitty's.  They said that Grandma said they could have one, but I told them that probably wouldn't go over so well with mommy and daddy.  I asked Scarlett if she knew that the "Cute, adorable little kitty would get bigger."  She said, when the little cutie gets bigger we will give it back to Grandma...ha
The biggest reason that the girls were in town for a few short days was because of a little birthday celebration for Kora.
Aunt Joy was hosting a tea party for Kora, and had it during the day so that the girls could come up and attend the party.
They were so excited to be wearing tutus and heels.
They made crafts, jewelry and all sorts of things.
The decorations were adorable and the girls brought home some souvenirs.
Thanks Kora for the tea party at your house.  Scarlett and Willow had so much fun!!
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