Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend with grandparents

Last weekend, my parents met me half way and picked up the girls for a quick last minute weekend.
The girls were probably on overload all weekend with all of their cousins but here they are just chillin out with my mom and dad eating ice cream.
The three amigo's
Playing play-doh with Kora
You can't go to papa's house without a tractor ride. (i think I have a picture of when i was two on the back of this wagon!)
Having some fun in the pool on Sunday afternoon.
My sister Joy's husband, Sam holding little Cray.
I gave my mom my little camera to take pictures of the weekend, so I am really not sure what was going on at this point besides the fact that it looks like they are "laying out."
Willow finds trains or lines things up no matter where she is at.
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