Saturday, November 29, 2008

G-Baby Big Day

Joy and Sam's big day!! It was so exciting to be celebrating a new baby into the family. We are so blessed to have Sam in our family. He is so good with all of our kids and he will make a good dad. We are so happy for them. They got many gifts and it will put it to great use. (however, they are in the same house that we had when we had Scarlett so I am so not even going Ryan and i decided to let them figure out where to put their stuff...heheh

Aunt Bev and Julie were with Emma. Scarlett was all into her and her pink outfit but Emma wasn't so sure about Scarlett!!

Of course the food table looked great, we had a spray of desserts too but for some reason my camera was stuck in my purse after this picture. SOMEONE please send me some pics (i only took 4) although i did go a little crazy with Joy's camera...ooops
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Friday, November 28, 2008


So Lizzy is Rhonda and Tom's daughter and she got to spend a WHOLE evening with Scarlett. We went with Uncle Dale, Aunt Beth (who is doing great recovering from surgery), Tom, Rhonda, Jason and Crystal to get all you can eat sushi... YellowTail. Its a great place and I love it!! So grandma and grandpa ingold watched scarlett and Lizzy was in glory with Scarlett!!
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving brought a lot to be thankful for! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family. We were able to see everyone on Thanksgiving Day!

The kids at Grandma and Grandpa Hartzlers

Stacie helping Scarlett and Hank with a game.

Avery and Scarlett up to what they do best! Make a mess! They are so funny, we knew something was up when we didn't hear either one of them. They were into my diaper bag. The last picture shows them at Aunt Brenda's messing up Avery's room!!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scarlett just walking the dog at her party!!

Aunt Amy helping with pin the doggy bone on the dog... Aunt Ashley drew the dog

Dan the man with little Hank

Some of the kids around the birthday cake!!
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The kids eating with Scarlett!!

Can you tell these girls wanted their picture!!
Rhonda (wonderful cousin) Amy (awesome sister) Joanna (super cool sister in law)

The kids eating!!

The adults eating!!
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Birthday Party

Mommy and Scarlett at the start of the party!!

Scarlett and Mommy

Adam Dressed up like a dog!!

Molly helping herself to some dog on good snacks.
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Birthday Girl

Scarlett will be TWO on December 7. We have been so blessed over the past two years. She is so much fun and a little energizer bunny. Currently, as I am writing this post, she is emptying out my purse, saying ohhh, and Ahhhh... but you know, whatever works at this point.

However, in Ohio we celebrated her birthday with family and friends. It was at the schoolhouse (which by the way, we partway own now..story to come) We had a dog theme party with mini hotDOGS, hotDOGS, puppy chow (my mother in law made), doggy bones and much more. The kids played "give the dog a bone," made dogs out of ballons, barked like dogs and doggie pinata. Which is another story in its For those of you that were there, you know what i mean (the booboo has been away).

We had a great time and most importantly we think Scarlett had a barking good time. We can't thank everyone enough for all of their love and support. The gifts were magical and extremely nice of everyone to give. THANK YOU!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ohio is where we have lived for 27 years, until we moved to Florida for Ryan's job. We love Florida and have established ourselves and have a wonderful group of friends that have sort of became our extended family. I believe most of our friends know that we will most likely move back to Ohio. We have now been here for about a year and a half, and of course we have our ups and downs. The most difficult part is taking Scarlett from her family, especially her grandmas and grandpas.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

After arriving in town to see family on Friday. The next day was the big Ohio State game against Michigan. The Baltics called to see what I was doing and I said, "GO BUCKS." Of course, some of the kids wanted to come so they came over and hung out. As you can see much of the game was being watched. Molly and Megan just HAD to learn how to play CLUE. So my sister in law Ashley played with Molly, Megan, Maddie and I. BTW...the bucks crushed Michigan.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Vacation is over! It is Thursday evening. My hubby and Scarlett left last friday to go to Ohio. My family left on Sunday to go to Ohio. I leave on Friday to go to Ohio. This week I had the house, no kids, no hubby for a few days. Of course, I got sick for two days. Of course, I didn't get my carpets cleaned like i wanted. Of course, I didn't get my christmas stuff up. Of course, I got nothing done.... although I did clean my house, do laundry, clean the back rooms and the list goes on. So its not like i didn't do ANYTHING.

I enjoyed having my family in town and if you look under Joy's blog it will show you day by day what we did... or what they did. I think they had a good time laying out by the pool, enjoying the beach, going to Orlando and etc. However, it was cold when they were here... although they thought it was fine and I was crazy.... After they got back home, a call was made to me and guess what.... THEY SAID that they were cold in Ohio and that their bodies had changed to Florida weather.... and they thought I was crazy!!

Thoughts of the day:

- I miss my letto and my wonderful husband
- i can't wait to see all of my family and friends
- Scarlett is such a big girl...we are celebrating her 2nd birthday about 2 weeks early!
- I have officially decided that this month, exercise is overrated... didn't make it to the gym ONCE!! AHHHH ... as a matter of fact, i think its been like 3 months!
- I better get back to it, starting Dec. 1, or my hubby will stop my membership.
- I am going to read The Red Tent this month for my book club!
- Finished The Glass Castle and had a wonderful conversation about it today with a friend.
- I am very nervous about my flight....not sure why i get myself all fixed up in a tizzie
- I have been thinking about my Aunt Beth and her surgery... can't wait to see her!
- My husband and I are very nervous as we just purchased our first land investment! Ok, he is!!!
- Go figure, the market is completely down, the lowest it has been in the past 15 years, but don't worry, Gymboree and Petsmart are making over the top gains... Seriously, who said we didn't have our priorities.
- I will miss my florida friends and family as i go home for awhile!
- it is 65 and cold in florida
- the other night i played bunco with about 12 friends, its such a florida game... they have to learn how to play some serious euchre.
- the bucks are playing that other team from the north... we will be at Joe Willy's... stop out and see us, we will probably be there all afternoon!

Monday, November 17, 2008


While we were in Ohio, Scarlett went to lunch with Nana and pappaw. (Ryan's dad and stepmom) She had so much fun getting spoiled by everyone. Later that day, Ryan and I headed to Columbus to see Alex and his dorm. We met some of his friends and went to eat wings. Then, we went to the Ohio State basketball game that night. It was a late night.
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Monday, November 10, 2008

week of the sisters

The three musketeers

Eli playing in the water

Monday... see Joy's first day page for Sunday and Monday fun!!

We have had a blast. They are enjoying the pool, beach and all of Scarlett's toys.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Those people from the north

Eli was busy doing artwork!!

Honoring our veterans... including pawpaw!!

Eli and Scarlett running off of the ride!

This has to be the best picture my camera found at the park one day!!
On Sunday, at 5:00 A.M. ... Amy, Joy, Eli and Cooper arrived to stay for a week! If you look under the link of my sister JOy, you will know exactly what went on DAILY!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Disney and First Haircut

After arriving home from Orlando from the weekend! Scarlett decides to dig into
more CANDY!!

Scarlett's first haircut was so much fun in the barbie car.
She even had GLITTER sprayed on her hair!!

What a haircut!!

You would think we were going in circles on this ride.
Scarlett seemed to love the rides that had the example outside,
that didn't move!

We checked out the cages to see if we could keep Scarlett
there for the night!!

Mommy and Daddy gave Scarlett her FIRST haircut on Saturday in Orlando.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Daddy and Scarlett at the "It's a small world afterall."

Daddy and Scarlett at the Smuckers store in Walt Disney!!

Walt Disney World

Scarlett and mommy in front of the castle!!

lOOK mOMMY!! I see Mickey Mouse!!

While Mommy was having a hayday,
Scarlett wasn't so sure about the huge Tigger and Pooh!

Scarlett loving the playground!!

Mommy, Daddy and Scarlett just walking into Disney World!!

We adventured to Walt Disney world this weekend. It was Scarlett's first trip and is was quite magical! We went down early Friday and stayed the weekend. Scarlett was able to see some of the Walt Disney characters. We really enjoyed the castle show and the parade/fireworks at the end of the day.

pictures are coming: camera is not uploading... ok here they are!!!