Saturday, March 28, 2009


If you haven't visited IKEA, I am not sure if I recommend it. You will end up with the



The nice squeeze home from Orlando and all the luggage form the weekend!!

Actually to be quite honest, I had did some research... after not liking what I saw in the expensive furniture stores, I had no choice but to bargain shop. After looking at other places that had a BED AND a DRESSER = at least 1000.00

We went to IKEA and spent less than 600.00 on everything including the bedding which was great because Pottery Barn is cute, but really, seriously I can't waste that kind of money when my daughter is going to pee, puke, draw, color and mark up her sheets!!

Yipee!!! A happy family with a wonderful buy.... btw... if you know my grandpa, you know he loves to shop, ask him what he thought of IKEA.
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Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, long story short, we found out we have family that lives about an hour away.

We have known about them, but Ryan and I just didn't know them that well to just stop by, SOO
when Grandma was here she made things happen, as she likes to do.

This is Aunt Ruth, who is 91 and Grandma's sister, she doesn't live in Florida but just living with her daughter Judy for awhile.
So we were able to meet Dick and Judy and their children, and grandchildren.

Here are the kids and of course the dog, Zoe.

Scarlett REALLY LOVES dogs.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon and we hope to meet up with them more often.... i am already trying to plan a date night out!!
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa Hartzler have been in town (by that I mean Florida). They have a time share but the closest that they can get to us is about 2 hours, Kissimee, which is below Orlando. So we adventured there for there for the weekend.

Scarlett LOVES Grandma's zipper shoes, especially because she just learned about the letter Z.

At the pool at the condo, it was beautiful and Scarlett loved the pool.

In the elevator, Scarlett giving us the look that she is not done swimming!!

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Daddy and Scarlett in the pool

The view from Front Row Jill!!
Scarlett putting sunscreen on daddy.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smith's French Onion Dip

Oh, this dip is the bomb!!!
It is from Wayne County, Ohio
The boys brought it down with them, and they sure earned brownie points.
Everytime I go to Ryan's dad house, he has this dip with chips.
I am truly addicted to it.
(i even hid it in the fridge when the boys were here, so they wouldn't eat it)

As you can see Scarlett loves it too1!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is Scarlett and Brianna at preschool. I usually try not post too many pictures of her at school especially with other students listed. This was just too cute when they were playing dress-up.
I will be finished at the preschool the first part of june. It has been fun and challenging. It was great for Scarlett and we continue to talk about sending her to school after she turns 3. We are not sending her back to school until the 2010 new year.

I have been very spoiled, being able to stay and teach her little class at school. It is a really unique situation, and one I would say doesn't fit everyone but it fit our situation.

I will miss the girls i work with too!! Scarlett will miss being in school for about 6 months, it was the best thing! I can see why people send their children and I can also see the advantages of staying home with them.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tubby Time for our Trailblazer

We took Scarlett through the car wash .. (ok, it might be one of the only times that we have washed our car)

anyways, she was stunned... you can tell by her eyes!!

She didn't know what to think!!!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is REALLY bad, but this is the only picture I took of the boys while they were here!

I was on the outside of our screen and Alex was coming around to meet me...
so its only Dave, Jake and .... can't remember (alex help me out)

They had a great time, or so I think... they went to the beach, shopping and were always out and about!!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

To be young again

The boys have arrived from THE Ohio State University, straight from Columbus, stopping at PA on the way and driving straight down. They made it to our house around 4 AM Saturday and haven't stopped yet.

They are probably some of the most pleasant college guys. We hope they have fun.... pictures to come!!!

on another note:
Ryan is flying out a little this week
My grandparents are in town for the next 2-3 weeks... we are booking it to Orlando for the next weekend.
Scarlett doesn't know what to think of these boys in her space...
I am popping out, enough that people are looking at me like....mmm, do i ask her if she is prego?
Ryan and I have our 5 month ultrasound next week... you can figure out the weeks... i am due in August... it all just runs together.
Depressing....had to dig out the bigger clothes... all for a good cause.
I know....are we going to find out? mmmm... not sure .... guess we will let you know next week.
Little cousin Kora is doing FAB
the other Jill is planning a baby shower for us... its crazy, i told her i already had one....down south they do things differently

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Girl Helper

Scarlett is so into helping mommy.

i found her with her little step stool over at the sink with the water running and attempting to wash a few things that were in the sink.

Big girl going shopping on St. Patricks day

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day
with a capital F

Before church on Sunday, I was checking my email and ran across this little Seafood festival in St. Augustine
it was sponsered by Winn Dixie, which means ...well, Ryan deals with them...anyways
After church we decided to have, as Ryan calls it "Family Fun day"

So, my money saving, has had me on a budget for years, tight wad, still hasn't bought his flat screen, won't eat to stay under our grocery budget, money charter HUSBAND
went to the festival
well, because I said this sounds like fun

We were there for almost TWO HOURS
Parking: 7
Entrance fee: 13.00 ...don't worry Scarlett was free
Tickets to buy food: 20.00 .... which included a seafood plate and french fries
Tickets to buy Scarlett some games: 10.00

Scarlett at the only booth that didn't cost money

Mommy and Scarlett going down the bounce house (and yes, i did have a dress on...not funny) but she ended up not wanting to leave after i went with her once.

Family Fun day: priceless
Next year: we will probably pass and have keep family fun day at our poolside
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The B-I-B-L-E

Scarlett found mommy's bible

She started singing the song and pointing to the letters, the B - I - B - L -E ....

So we just HAD to FIND her B - I - B - L - E

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art Show

If you click on Art Show above, it will take you to the Art Gallery's Webpage

Our wonderful neighbors invited us to an Art Show in our town at City Walk. It is a new studio opening and here are some of the pics.

Scarlett posing in front of one of Tom's pieces of art

Alec, our other neighbor boy was there with his family and we got some pics of him and Scarlett saying, "cheese"

Alec and Scarlett trying to figure out how much damage they can do.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy March

I haven't updated on just things in general...
we have a lot going on.

Scarlett's Uncle Alex and friends will be coming down from THE OHIO STATE university for spring break, the weekend they leave Grandpa and Grandma Hartzler are in town, the week after that I think some Winkler girl's are coming and then they are flying to Ohio with us. We are excited to see family in the next few weeks.

Other things:
-- i should be reading and working on my book...i have not finished woman of the bible
-- Scarlett is on some heavy medicine for some ear infection thing that we can't get rid of.
-- I think they say we are in recession but I haven't been able to see the Kohl's parking lot ...its been open for 2 weeks.
-- I am least it makes it to the container
-- I am taking a one night class in daytona this week
-- I might be going to a fondue party this friday
-- Saturday night we have an art show that we are going to after another birthday party...we might just make it to the beach
-- we started a 6 week study on Fireproofing our marriage through our church.
-- we loved our 3 month study we just finished
-- it seems that we know a ton of people who were born in march...including my mother
-- the school house that we purchased in ohio seems to be doing well
-- scarlett misses her family in ohio...she often will hear a plane(ok everyday) and say "mommy, coat and ohio"
-- i think we finally might get a flat screen tv for my hubby ....mmm has it been a few years.
-- i am not sure he will hold out on the flat screen for the pool solar panels that i am really wanting
-- Joy's baby, Kora is doing great.... i love to hear such wonderful news
-- scarlett is ready to land daddy's plane on thursday cuz that is when he gets back into town
-- scarlett confused M and W...its quite funny... i just can't get her to understand it...HELPPPP
-- scarlett loves babies, it is an obsession that is getting out of control... babies and purses, you would think that mommy doesn't exist
-- bummed that i have been going to the gym about 2 x a week...would love to go everyday
-- i can't wait for the beautiful weekend

Saturday, March 07, 2009


This is an AWLFUL PICTURE (well of me)
BUT, we both have the same expression...not sure why neither Scarlett or I are not smiling, oh no, that is just not cool
BUT we almost look the same...YIPEEE
Scarlett bored at Hibachi and decided to make some phone calls...
We were with a group of friends at a new local Hibachi was pretty good.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

During the years that I actually taught school... (besides this preschool stunt)... I made green eggs and ham.
So, for Scarlett's class we made green eggs and ham...
We celebrated dr. seuss
She loved it
especially the Dr. S coat that her AUntie Liz gave her!!

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