Saturday, March 21, 2009

To be young again

The boys have arrived from THE Ohio State University, straight from Columbus, stopping at PA on the way and driving straight down. They made it to our house around 4 AM Saturday and haven't stopped yet.

They are probably some of the most pleasant college guys. We hope they have fun.... pictures to come!!!

on another note:
Ryan is flying out a little this week
My grandparents are in town for the next 2-3 weeks... we are booking it to Orlando for the next weekend.
Scarlett doesn't know what to think of these boys in her space...
I am popping out, enough that people are looking at me like....mmm, do i ask her if she is prego?
Ryan and I have our 5 month ultrasound next week... you can figure out the weeks... i am due in August... it all just runs together.
Depressing....had to dig out the bigger clothes... all for a good cause.
I know....are we going to find out? mmmm... not sure .... guess we will let you know next week.
Little cousin Kora is doing FAB
the other Jill is planning a baby shower for us... its crazy, i told her i already had one....down south they do things differently

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