Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day
with a capital F

Before church on Sunday, I was checking my email and ran across this little Seafood festival in St. Augustine
it was sponsered by Winn Dixie, which means ...well, Ryan deals with them...anyways
After church we decided to have, as Ryan calls it "Family Fun day"

So, my money saving, has had me on a budget for years, tight wad, still hasn't bought his flat screen, won't eat to stay under our grocery budget, money charter HUSBAND
went to the festival
well, because I said this sounds like fun

We were there for almost TWO HOURS
Parking: 7
Entrance fee: 13.00 ...don't worry Scarlett was free
Tickets to buy food: 20.00 .... which included a seafood plate and french fries
Tickets to buy Scarlett some games: 10.00

Scarlett at the only booth that didn't cost money

Mommy and Scarlett going down the bounce house (and yes, i did have a dress on...not funny) but she ended up not wanting to leave after i went with her once.

Family Fun day: priceless
Next year: we will probably pass and have keep family fun day at our poolside
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