Saturday, March 28, 2009


If you haven't visited IKEA, I am not sure if I recommend it. You will end up with the



The nice squeeze home from Orlando and all the luggage form the weekend!!

Actually to be quite honest, I had did some research... after not liking what I saw in the expensive furniture stores, I had no choice but to bargain shop. After looking at other places that had a BED AND a DRESSER = at least 1000.00

We went to IKEA and spent less than 600.00 on everything including the bedding which was great because Pottery Barn is cute, but really, seriously I can't waste that kind of money when my daughter is going to pee, puke, draw, color and mark up her sheets!!

Yipee!!! A happy family with a wonderful buy.... btw... if you know my grandpa, you know he loves to shop, ask him what he thought of IKEA.
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Jennifer said...

IKEA is great - some of us girls went to the Dallas are for a flea market and stopped at IKEA on the way back. We spent over 3 hrs there! The bed and bedding looks great.