Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is Scarlett and Brianna at preschool. I usually try not post too many pictures of her at school especially with other students listed. This was just too cute when they were playing dress-up.
I will be finished at the preschool the first part of june. It has been fun and challenging. It was great for Scarlett and we continue to talk about sending her to school after she turns 3. We are not sending her back to school until the 2010 new year.

I have been very spoiled, being able to stay and teach her little class at school. It is a really unique situation, and one I would say doesn't fit everyone but it fit our situation.

I will miss the girls i work with too!! Scarlett will miss being in school for about 6 months, it was the best thing! I can see why people send their children and I can also see the advantages of staying home with them.
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