Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy March

I haven't updated on just things in general...
we have a lot going on.

Scarlett's Uncle Alex and friends will be coming down from THE OHIO STATE university for spring break, the weekend they leave Grandpa and Grandma Hartzler are in town, the week after that I think some Winkler girl's are coming and then they are flying to Ohio with us. We are excited to see family in the next few weeks.

Other things:
-- i should be reading and working on my book...i have not finished woman of the bible
-- Scarlett is on some heavy medicine for some ear infection thing that we can't get rid of.
-- I think they say we are in recession but I haven't been able to see the Kohl's parking lot ...its been open for 2 weeks.
-- I am least it makes it to the container
-- I am taking a one night class in daytona this week
-- I might be going to a fondue party this friday
-- Saturday night we have an art show that we are going to after another birthday party...we might just make it to the beach
-- we started a 6 week study on Fireproofing our marriage through our church.
-- we loved our 3 month study we just finished
-- it seems that we know a ton of people who were born in march...including my mother
-- the school house that we purchased in ohio seems to be doing well
-- scarlett misses her family in ohio...she often will hear a plane(ok everyday) and say "mommy, coat and ohio"
-- i think we finally might get a flat screen tv for my hubby ....mmm has it been a few years.
-- i am not sure he will hold out on the flat screen for the pool solar panels that i am really wanting
-- Joy's baby, Kora is doing great.... i love to hear such wonderful news
-- scarlett is ready to land daddy's plane on thursday cuz that is when he gets back into town
-- scarlett confused M and W...its quite funny... i just can't get her to understand it...HELPPPP
-- scarlett loves babies, it is an obsession that is getting out of control... babies and purses, you would think that mommy doesn't exist
-- bummed that i have been going to the gym about 2 x a week...would love to go everyday
-- i can't wait for the beautiful weekend


mammabaltic said...

Loved the update. Miss you all so much! We also enjoy all the pictures. I will have to show the kids tomorrow. I sent you email, too!! :)

Jennifer said...

Okay - I wish I was in FL with you (party due to the lovely warm weather). I would love to join you on some of the activities you have planned. The fondue party sounds great and I think London and Scarlett would have fun playing together. London also loves purses and half the time she is dragging mine around the house. Sound like you are finding a lot to keep your time occupied. Scarlett is just so cute!