Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Click on the above "Baltics" to read about them in our Ohio local paper!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grandma Erma

Today I write with great sadness as my grandma Erma has passed. Although the sadness is lifted as I try to imagine her walk into the pearly gates of heaven. Her viewing will be on Friday and funeral will be on Saturday in ohio.

Click the link above Grandma Erma to read her obituary.

(April 15, 1921 - April 28, 2009)

updating the blog is coming...


To the cupcake that my daughter cherished at the moment,
I can only hope she will cherish the picture more in the future.

I am so excited to tell my children the stories of their great-grandparents, whom I have many wonderful memories of. Especially playing outside in the little playhouse by the beautiful grape vines and herbs.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


(sung to the song of "Wheels on the Bus")

Baby Kora is moving to Ger-man-ee
Ger-man -ee
Ger - man -ee
Baby Kora is moving to Ger-man-ee
All across the Atlantic.

We sing this oh, at least 3x a day!!

Scarlett, Reese and Ryder singing church songs for everyone at my moms house.

Again, Scarlett helping Aunt Joy with baby Kora...she wasn't sure if Joy had it figured out!!

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Sunday evening

Saying goodbye is never easy.
It's like we have two different lives.
Two great places to live.
Just two different places.
Its hard to explain.

When your in one place, you want to be there.
When your in the other place, you want to be there.

Oh, what to do??

Scarlett would not let baby Kora out of her site....

(daddy, mommy, baby KKKOra and Scarlett)

Baby KKKOra didn't need her diaper changed but we decided that it was just a tad wet, so Scarlett was hands -on.

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Scarlett loves cows and animals.... like mentioned before, not sure where she got that gene??
Ryan doesn't care much for animals nor do I.
However, she adores animals and the first week we were home in Florida, she asked for the moo cows...
Every time she drinks milk she informs us about the cows.
Every time we are driving, she is looking for cows.
She loves them, so i made a book on kodak and its a super cute book that has pictures of the farm animals.

One of her favorite parts of visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Jan's farm was to check out the super cute little playhouse that they have. She LOVED IT and screamed as we dragged her away to go and say goodbye to family. (aunt jan was loving it)

Thanks for the field trip Gassers, we enjoyed it!!

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Avery's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Avery!!

Yah, so we sorta invited ourselves to the party. We missed her first birthday party and we were in town for her 2nd, so yep, I asked if we could come. Actually Scarlett didn't miss her 1st birthday, I did, but anyways, we had a great time and the kids loved playing outside until the rain/drizzle set in.

Scarlett and Avery playing... Cristin is in the background and she is having a baby in October ...YIPEEE.... both of our kids will be around the same ages!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grandma Pearl

We were able to spend a morning while we were in Ohio with Grandma Pearl, Nana and Aunt Ashley. (Grandma Pearl is Sheri's mom)

Grandma's are so special!!

First, we stopped off at the Butler garage sales.
Then, we adventured to Grandma Pearl's house.
Last, we decided to go and eat at this super cute and relaxing Amish diner down the road.
We had so much fun and a very relaxing meal.

Scarlett and Grandma Pearl rolling balls with playdoh.... (rolling playdoh is actually a concept that 2 year olds need to work on... for all you moms out there)

Grandma Pearl doing a craft with Scarlett before we ate!!

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The Smiths and Pizza

One of our favorite parts of visiting in Ohio is to be with family.
Angie is my first cousin, married to Brian and they have two children, Dylan and Sierra.
Dylan was born a day before Scarlett.... so they seem to get along quite well.

Anyways, Angie and Brian had us over for some pizza and fun.
Also, Jared, Leslie, and Peyton, Sheri and Erick came too!!!

The kids had so much fun with the bubbles!!

Peyton and Scarlett were LOVING the piano and guitar!!!

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Monday, April 20, 2009


Grandma Vicki, Scarlett and I adventured to Strongsville to look for a flower girl dress for Ashley's wedding....
As you can see below, dress shopping was not on Scarlett's mind.

This train of course caused a huge stir during lunch for grandma and I, as Scarlett could NOT focus on anything but the train.

GRRRR.... made for a long lunch... we finally gave in and everything was great after that.

She was the only one riding, so i told the conductor to keep sending her around and around until it exhaust her... finally she said " off please mama, off please mama" oh oppps, scarlett was wanting off...

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's a girls night out!!

Since I live in Florida and Joy is moving to Germany, that leaves Amy and Joanna in ohio. However, we all finally rounded up sitters for our kids and had a girls night out....without kids.
Did i mention WITHOUT kids... see, that was really nice!!

We went to dinner and shopping and oHHH, so much was a special and memorable night.

This is the four of us trying to pose in front of Old Navy who for some reason was closed at 11:00 p.m.... do they not know we were willing to stay out until weee hours of the night to shop.

This next picture is a TOTAL INSIDE JOKE but had to post and had to blog about it. See, if you go to Canton the back way through Canal Fulton and will come to a stop sign going towards canton and as you turn to look for traffic, you will see a TRASH CAN that hasn't MOVED it 10 years....

ANyways.... we Ingolds notice things that really don't need to be noticed.... again, inside joke, that is now a little on the outs of being only our inside

Ok... so the picture is awlful .... but the trash can is seriously there!!!
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Ohio Thoughts

Just me and Nana~

Just me and Aunt Ashley in her classroom!!

Just me in Grandma Bonnie's attic, attempting to help with garage sale items.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


As most of you know, Scarlett loves airplanes.
Especially when Grandpa Moser takes her to see his airplane.

She wasn't so sure about the door closing!!

Scarlett on Grandpa's mini chopper!!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandma Ingold

One of the hardest days that I had in Ohio was visiting with my Grandma Ingold. She is my dad's mom. I have many wonderful memories of her growing up. She has been in the nursing home for at least 10 years, although in the past few years she has been in complete care of the wonderful nurses.

I went to see her as much as I could when I was home. One of the days I went to see her we celebrated her birthday.

The last day I went to see her was the most difficult. Scarlett and I were in exercise class with her and she wasn't moving unless Scarlett did the dance. She would lift her arm but it wasn't much. My wonderful Aunt Bev (relation through my moms side) teaches the class and is so great with the residents that live there!

When I went to go leave and tell grandma that I had a flight out at noon, she didn't want me to leave. She didn't move much the whole time I was there but when I went to leave she grabbed my shirt for me to stay. I couldn't even look back at her, I continued to walk out and hope that I will see when I am in Ohio next which is in June.

Thank you to all of my wonderful family who continue to see her each and every day.... I really don't mean to drop the ball by not visiting her but our circumstances just don't allow it.

April 15th was her birthday and it was so nice to celebrate it with her as I don't get the chance to see her, how cool was that...we were home for her birthday.

Also, on the same day is Jason and Crystal's Anniversary... I am going to say that it has been two years??!! Congrats!!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My daughter (as you will read in a later post)love baby Kora

She wanted to hold her ALLLLLLLL the time!!

She just loved it!!

I am not sure if I have pictures of my daughter smiling for the camera out of pure glee and happiness!!! But thanks to baby Kora, we got some!!!

Notice baby Kora just eating away as Scarlett poses and smiles!!!
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