Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Scarlett loves cows and animals.... like mentioned before, not sure where she got that gene??
Ryan doesn't care much for animals nor do I.
However, she adores animals and the first week we were home in Florida, she asked for the moo cows...
Every time she drinks milk she informs us about the cows.
Every time we are driving, she is looking for cows.
She loves them, so i made a book on kodak and its a super cute book that has pictures of the farm animals.

One of her favorite parts of visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Jan's farm was to check out the super cute little playhouse that they have. She LOVED IT and screamed as we dragged her away to go and say goodbye to family. (aunt jan was loving it)

Thanks for the field trip Gassers, we enjoyed it!!

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