Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandma Ingold

One of the hardest days that I had in Ohio was visiting with my Grandma Ingold. She is my dad's mom. I have many wonderful memories of her growing up. She has been in the nursing home for at least 10 years, although in the past few years she has been in complete care of the wonderful nurses.

I went to see her as much as I could when I was home. One of the days I went to see her we celebrated her birthday.

The last day I went to see her was the most difficult. Scarlett and I were in exercise class with her and she wasn't moving unless Scarlett did the dance. She would lift her arm but it wasn't much. My wonderful Aunt Bev (relation through my moms side) teaches the class and is so great with the residents that live there!

When I went to go leave and tell grandma that I had a flight out at noon, she didn't want me to leave. She didn't move much the whole time I was there but when I went to leave she grabbed my shirt for me to stay. I couldn't even look back at her, I continued to walk out and hope that I will see when I am in Ohio next which is in June.

Thank you to all of my wonderful family who continue to see her each and every day.... I really don't mean to drop the ball by not visiting her but our circumstances just don't allow it.

April 15th was her birthday and it was so nice to celebrate it with her as I don't get the chance to see her, how cool was that...we were home for her birthday.

Also, on the same day is Jason and Crystal's Anniversary... I am going to say that it has been two years??!! Congrats!!
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Connie said...

April 15th is also my father-in-law's birthday AND Leonardo daVinci's birthday. A special day indeed :-)