Monday, April 13, 2009


Aka ...known as FB.

I will not join. I have many people picking on me and bothering me to join.
I barely have time to update my blog about myself let alone look at everyone elses FB pages.
Reasons that I would join would be to stay connected with people that I don't get to talk to on a normal basis. But you know, i don't even get to talk to my mom everyday. Anyways, usually the other Jill (down here in Florida) lets me know what Amy and Joy and etc. are doing.

Amy and the other Jill are on me like bees to honey. I won't do it. (at least not yet)
So, Amy being Amy.... took these pictures for my Facebook profile picture (for those of you not familiar with Facebook, its basically a way online to communicate with other people, usually posting a picture of yourself, so people know who you are) which i might add...i don't think i would post these!!!!

So, back to the point....Amy being Amy .... took these pictures as I was watching the wonderful carvings of the angel food cake at my Grandma's.

She thought it was funny.
Well, as I downloaded these pictures.
It was funny.
(i just uploaded the first 4 out of the 20.... you can only imagine the rest)

Me... smiling....saying .... Amy really

I said I am not joining that addicting, no good facebook!!

Really, you mean I could sit all afternoon and not clean, cook or do anything but check out what everyone else is doing and what i should be doing. (mmmm..... biting my lip in thought)

What..... do i look exhausted, tired, wrinkly or what.... sorry folks for the not so hot picture... not sure i would put this on my profile for facebook!!

i will stop with those but just wait Amy i will get you back
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