Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 3

Update on the Scarlett situation!!

She did great for two days, and going into Monday was also another great day!! During nap on Monday we went to Orlando to pick up Aliza and Emma, who will be staying with us until Friday. We went to downtown disney to shop and eat and have a good time. We really did have a great time!! We got home really late and I was so excited to exhaust the girls out..... they all slept on the 2hour drive home....hehehe!!!

However, the whole potty thing took a beating as I told her to "just go in your pants" when we were shopping and having a great time. But really, I couldn't find a bathroom in that busy place let alone one without a line SO i thought Tuesday would roll around and she would be fine!!

Mmmm... Tuesday, rolled around and she wanted a pull-up on like the night before, so needless to say we are in pull-ups and diapers at night. She is telling me randomly when she has to go and we so far have went only in our pants and on the toilet. Although when Aliza and Emma were here, they were able to witness the wetness on the floor...oopss!!!

I will be posting pictures of Aliza and Emma on the blog soon, we had such a good time with them all week!!

Here is a summary of their week!!!

Tuesday they were out by the pool
Wednesday they were out by the pool
Thursday they were out by the pool
Friday they were out by the pool until 2:00...we had to leave to get on our flight!!

We also went shopping in Daytona, eating at the Golden Lion for Ryan's Birthday and to the beach!!

We hope they had as much fun as we did!!

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