Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Days in ohio

One of Scarlett's favorite things to do is feed I-I.

You would think she has no Ingold blood, she loves dogs. Our family wasn't so fond of dogs or animals growing up. Kind of an inside joke between people that know, but anyways, she loves them.

So guess what, we like them.
She loves I-I. So Ryan and I usually let Grandma do all the feeding or touching with Isaac.

She loves when I-I rolls over so she can scratch his belly, which means that dogs love ya if they let you do this!! Way to go Scarlett!!

Scarlett opening Easter basket at Grandpa and Grandma Moser's

Auntie Liz and mommy went out for the day on Tuesday, it was so nice and relaxing. I didn't have to go with Scarlett and it was a wonderful break...i am so not use to that!!

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