Sunday, April 12, 2009

The whatchmacallit

So the angel food cutter thingy-mbob started in the hands of

Aunt Beth

Moved onto my mom, Bonnie

Proceeded to go to Grandpa Hartzler

Then, my Grandma Hartzler took over with the thingy-mbob...

It was so suppose to be an angel food cake cutter but no one could figure it out... long story short... the angel food cake was great with the wonderful strawberries.... (i think i had like 3 bowls of strawberries) sorry, if by the end of the night grandma had no more left! I think Aunt Beth brought them but they were super yummo.

By the way, maybe Grandma, Aunt Beth or the other 10 people that were witnessing this can give the end results, not sure how we ever cut it...
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mammabaltic said...

My pepsi is spouting out my noise right now at this post. LOL.