Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's a girls night out!!

Since I live in Florida and Joy is moving to Germany, that leaves Amy and Joanna in ohio. However, we all finally rounded up sitters for our kids and had a girls night out....without kids.
Did i mention WITHOUT kids... see, that was really nice!!

We went to dinner and shopping and oHHH, so much was a special and memorable night.

This is the four of us trying to pose in front of Old Navy who for some reason was closed at 11:00 p.m.... do they not know we were willing to stay out until weee hours of the night to shop.

This next picture is a TOTAL INSIDE JOKE but had to post and had to blog about it. See, if you go to Canton the back way through Canal Fulton and will come to a stop sign going towards canton and as you turn to look for traffic, you will see a TRASH CAN that hasn't MOVED it 10 years....

ANyways.... we Ingolds notice things that really don't need to be noticed.... again, inside joke, that is now a little on the outs of being only our inside

Ok... so the picture is awlful .... but the trash can is seriously there!!!
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