Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Diet Plan

One word:



is that a word

Does anyone love the word?

Does anyone like the word?

ok, does any one even like to say it?

it usually means, although i didn't look it up:

you can't eat goooood food, you have to exercise, you know the drill

So, October 1st... here it has creeped up on me already...AHHHHHHH

it seems like yesterday i was this


but sweet little Willow has made her debut and she is officially 5 weeks and i have a 13 mile disney run in March ...


The diet plan has arrived!!

I believe i gained 30lbs during my pregnancy..
I have lost 20
Still have at least 10 to go
would like to lose 20 altogether!!
My goal (if nose surgery doesn't get in the way) ... MARCH

I will watch what i eat....YUCK
I will exercise 5 days a week, starting out slowly ...LOVE THIS...because i usually see results
I will NOT eat any CHIPS in October...i dare you to challenge yourself in giving something NOT healthy for you during the month of October!!

even if you aren't dieting, leave a comment about a food you will try to give up..... then on HALLOWEEN, you can reward yourself
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last week of September

Little review of week....

- Sunday service was awesome,... check out our pastors blog ...
- Sunday evening bible study was ok... it was the series "The truth project" little deep for me, love our small group, we have about 20 couples but not really loving the series...hopefully i can wrap my head around it soon as i am struggling to concentrate
- This week started Scarlett's official organized school week...i work with her often on things but i never keep track, i will link something to this website, i am just trying to organize will see what we work on daily!! super excited ... we have muffin tin mondays, book of the week, worship wednesdays and etc...sUPEr PUmped ...we work for about an hour each day whether its all at one time or in segments...she loves it..calls it "abc learning time"
- Monday morning we also had gymnastics, went to graysons house for pizza in the evening
- Tuesday, daddys airplane traveled to birmingham..., scarlett went to dance..which we are moving to saturdays due to the fact that one parent might send me over the top.. hello discipline...not wasting my time on that discussion
- Wednesday, bible study for mommy, Scarlett plays with a few of her church friends, and i LEFT Willow in the nursery...brave me (just for a short time)... we are doing a precepts study of the book of revelations and i wasn't able to make it last week, this week we made it but Scarlett forgot her shoes...sometimes i think, ok, we are not going, but then i get there and think man, what i would have missed if i didn't go!!
- Thursday.. not much, going to Landon's birthday party in the early afternoon


as for other notes:
- joy is coming home soon and as a matter of fact, she is coming to florida soon
- i heard that Tori had an amazing project at the fair that i missed
- willow is doing great, she is breastfeeding wonderfully...which i am stoked about
- Scarlett well, she is doing good too, everyday is such a joy with her and i can't imagine not having every minute with her as she has always got something new on her mind
- Ryan has had a lot of work on his mind, he is super busy but all of his girls are so proud of him and how hard he works
- he came home with a WII the other day, yipee for mommy and scarlett
- my neighbor Ruth hasn't been feeling too good lately, keep her in your prayers

As for the rest of the weekend...well, hopefully some relaxing time and enjoying some late saturday football.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Aunt Ashely time

Scarlett just adored Aunt Ashely while she was here visiting.


Scarlett also loves Taylor Swift, so they were singing and dancing to the country girl!!
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Hilty's are in town

Uncle dan and Aunt Ashley relaxing poolside

Grandma II with the girls

Uncle Dan playing with Scarlett...which she loved..

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonderful weekend

Aunt Ashley and Uncle Dan came down with Ryan' mom for the weekend. WE WERE SO EXCITED... Uncle dan doesn't take off work for just anyone so we were honored.

Aunt Ashley in the pool with Scarlett and Ryan


Since they were in town and sitters were available, we went out for an hour with the other ryan and jill... we went to a sushi place and it was great

ryan and i at our first night out since the baby!! YIPEE

On Sunday afternoon, grayson and maren came over to spend some time at the pool...
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little willow

Our neighbors down the street had a little "end of the year" picnic so we took a few pictures before we left of the girls!!


Little Willow was dressed up in watermelons

Aunt Ashely got in on the pictures too!!

Another picture of little willow
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did you know the worst food in America??

Click on "did you know the worst food in America above"

Middle of the week

Well, this morning didn't go as planned. I attend a womens bible study ... we are study the book of Revelations.. (yes, quite deep) and after waking up late, attempting to feed willow grayce and getting scarlett ready ... things were not going well, and the revelation that we aren't going to make it at 9:15 became quite apparent. SO, we attempted to stay home and clean the house, which is now even worse then when we started..... oh my!!

Joy and Amy have both told me, i will read your blog and then scroll down and find new post... YEP THIS IS RIGHT!!

I try to post daily and then when i upload pictures i go back to the day the picture was taken (for logging purposes in the future..its no benefit to anyone but me...sorry)

LOOK FORWARD TO OCTober 1st...not me...i will update you on my plan... and YES, you can get involved!! mmm... then you won't look forward to it.
--- here is the hint --- goodbye salt and vinegar chips, m and m's and my moms rice krispies (which are all gone now), mountain dew, homemade apple crisp...yep managed to eat it all by myself (dan ..had a little)

do you know what is going on in october?? don't worry neither does my husband ...yet!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Days

Scarlett might be a photographer someday.. she loves taking pictures


Scarlett at another week of gymnastics... this one was private, as it was a make up day and none of the other kids showed up... super cool!!

She is balancing like an airplane on the low beams... grandpa II would be proud

our little Willow Grayce doesn't get too many pictures because all she does is sit there... We are all out in the pool and she is sitting wrapped up in ten layers...ooops
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Do you know your family Scarlett??

Thought I would give another sneak peak of things from our preschool blog which I really need to work on, so until then...

This is the book that I made to help Scarlett learn the names, how to spell them and where they go for each family. This particular page is the baltics... Right now we are working on all family and then we will branch out to "friends" in our book.


She also has a "word book" and this is one of them... i figured she should know where her daddy works...

As you know from reading the blog, this is not her first haircut and she looks scared in the picture...but she wasn't. She talked about it for days and marked it on her calendar... she loves to get her hair cut...

Next week, we are working with the letters "n and c" so maybe we will go to a nail salon as she paints her nails on a daily basis and i am NOT KIDDING... she has a pile of nail polish on her nails since a certain someone (aka Grandma II) came and bought her some little girl polish.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Random Pictures

daddy and his girls before an ohio state game

Scarlett just adores Willow Grayce. She just loves to play and sit in her things too. Scarlett has not hit the 25lbs mark yet so we thought it was safe.


Ok... the bouncy seat went a little too far as she thought she should put Willow Grayces soother in her mouth.


This is the dance class that Scarlett takes on Tuesday mornings. Every morning seems to have something so I am really trying to organize things better and get a better handle on our mornings.
Mondays is gymnastics, Tuesdays is dance, Wednesday is Mommy's morning as i go to a womens bible study, Thursday is a playdate day for all the girls at church, and friday believe it or not is open... but i think that is a day that we are going to invite friends over for small group learning or pool days???

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That is right... you are getting a sneak peek of our little baby announcement.

I thought I would post them before hand so if you read this blog you will hopefully be receiving a picture. Just comment if you don't receive one and I WILL SEND ONE.


I loved this picture of Scarlett running up to my camera!! Ryan...mmmm ... not so much

The girls are getting to be super big girls!!


MMMM... wonder what pictures we will use from Jill's wonderful 100$ camera... lol... can't wait for Aunt Joy to come down and take some pictures of our family.

other notes:
- currently can't find my camera...that is why the blog is a little slow on updates
- can't find my flashdrive so i have the addresses to print on labels so i may be handwriting all 150+ announcements...which is the only reason you haven't received them yet, everything is ready to go with a stamp on it, just can't bring my lazy self to write all the addresses...

- off to search for my flashdrive in which all the addresses are saved on.
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Monday, September 14, 2009


We received this wonderful box in the mail as a surprise that i believe my Aunt marilyn and cousin Angie were behind.


Scarlett loved it!!

I tried to take a picture of some of the cute things we received.

It came as a wonderful lift me up as Willow was having a rough day.


Uncle sam, Aunt Joy and Kora Lily sent this beautiful H&M outfit from Germany!! LOVE IT!!

WHAT TO DO WITH THE BOX when it is empty and the trash doesn't come for a few days???

Let your two year old play in it and throw all the white peanuts out into the floor!


We really can't thank everyone enough for all of the meals, cards, gifts and love during the past month. We continue to get a package daily and its super cool for Scarlett to open... I haven't even been able to post all the pictures and catch up on thank yous!!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok, lets focus on Scarlett for a minute. As most of you with more then one child know what I am about to say, i am finding it difficult to get my schedule down with two kids. Well, its not really the schedule but the fact that I love to teach Scarlett things and I haven't had much time between feedings and etc...

So after Labor day weekend, i attempted to try and spend Scarlett and I's "1 hour Learning Time" in the morning. It worked out ok but we are busy throughout the week mornings too. So i find myself not doing it after nap if we don't get to it in the morning.

I am going to be linking or posting my other blog soon. It is my "Preschool BLog" and i didn't want to have it on the same blog, as the other blog will list my ideas and things that i do with it... i want to archive them so someday when i open up sometime of learning facility for children, i will have all of these ideas done.

I haven't taked pictures of everything but here are two from the past week... we were painting our color boxes to match our umbrellas.


We painted the orange and purple boxes...they were the two colors we have been missing for months now, and i finally got around to having her do them.

I can't wait to show you what we have been doing during our learning time. I am still trying to organize my thoughts and ideas on it.

If any of you have found a good curriculum to use to teach your child to read let me know. You would think after teaching and finishing my masters i would have this all figured out, but its just different. Scarlett has known her letters and most of her sounds, and can tell you what most words start ... cow, dog, nana, mommy, snake..etc. so now i need to build onto that with words, and they have so many curriculums out their its crazy. My goal is to find a few that i like and build my own which is what i did when i was a teacher, its just i was working with 8 year olds and not 2 year olds...

mmm.. i was an advocate for public schools, but maybe i will homeschool Scarlett for preschool/kindergarten... we will see.

Ok, i won't ramble on about teaching on my family blog, it will all be on my "Preschool blog" with hopefully awesome ideas and pictures!!
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Friday, September 11, 2009

labor Day Undate

So while nana and pappaw were here, i was able to slip out and do some retail therapy. While i was shopping, i happened to see this Dora backpack through the window and HAD to buy it. Scarlett just loves it!!


Everyone went golfing while mommy and Willow Grayce stayed home to just hang out... Scarlett is just loving her new little golf game!!


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