Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you know your family Scarlett??

Thought I would give another sneak peak of things from our preschool blog which I really need to work on, so until then...

This is the book that I made to help Scarlett learn the names, how to spell them and where they go for each family. This particular page is the baltics... Right now we are working on all family and then we will branch out to "friends" in our book.


She also has a "word book" and this is one of them... i figured she should know where her daddy works...

As you know from reading the blog, this is not her first haircut and she looks scared in the picture...but she wasn't. She talked about it for days and marked it on her calendar... she loves to get her hair cut...

Next week, we are working with the letters "n and c" so maybe we will go to a nail salon as she paints her nails on a daily basis and i am NOT KIDDING... she has a pile of nail polish on her nails since a certain someone (aka Grandma II) came and bought her some little girl polish.

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