Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dance Class

Yep call us crazy we have Scarlett in dance and gymnastics... the reasoning: she needs to go to a setting where she has to listen to others and what they tell her to do...i don't know, but it sounds good.

Everyday we work on our ABC basket, which i usually have themed around something but this month has fallen short. She is doing good and we are now working on words and working on all of our families individual names.

Anyways, on tuesdays we go to dance and i am thinking she doesn't like it as much as gymnastics so we will see what happens for next month.

If they are good listeners they get a sucker... SHE FINALLY LIKES SUCKERS... i even licked it to see the kind because she doesn't like candy. Scarlett actually listens really well to the instructor. But here is the thing, if i heard them call "Scarlett" come here more then 3x, i would go and get my kid and make her sit with me, i don't think that would be out of line...oh well, parenting... i think from here on out, i am dropping her off and going to sit in my car and drink starbucks during the session...i am not good with the whole no discipline thing when a parent reminds them 5x not to do it...mmm, like they care... ok, anyways, i have no room to talk ... back to the point, my kid got a sucker along with the others (and the 2 other girls who were crazy) so i am hoping that my child doesn't think she can act crazy and still get a sucker...because mama will pull her out so fast!


just smiling away

my little scarlett wanted so badly to sit in her dance position for lunch i said sure considering it was a battle not worth fighting ...what did i just say about parenting ...oh help me
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