Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Diet Plan

One word:



is that a word

Does anyone love the word?

Does anyone like the word?

ok, does any one even like to say it?

it usually means, although i didn't look it up:

you can't eat goooood food, you have to exercise, you know the drill

So, October 1st... here it has creeped up on me already...AHHHHHHH

it seems like yesterday i was this


but sweet little Willow has made her debut and she is officially 5 weeks and i have a 13 mile disney run in March ...


The diet plan has arrived!!

I believe i gained 30lbs during my pregnancy..
I have lost 20
Still have at least 10 to go
would like to lose 20 altogether!!
My goal (if nose surgery doesn't get in the way) ... MARCH

I will watch what i eat....YUCK
I will exercise 5 days a week, starting out slowly ...LOVE THIS...because i usually see results
I will NOT eat any CHIPS in October...i dare you to challenge yourself in giving something NOT healthy for you during the month of October!!

even if you aren't dieting, leave a comment about a food you will try to give up..... then on HALLOWEEN, you can reward yourself
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Gardner's said...

Sam and I are giving up Ice-cream and no eating after 6:30...

Jill said...

i figured you would be the only one to comment... everyone else is to chicken including mom and dad that read this

oh boy, no ice go girl!! good for you!! after 6:30, now that is just brutal...sometimes the only chance i get to eat is after 8 so that won't work for me!!

Angie said...

No candy until Halloween!!