Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last week of September

Little review of week....

- Sunday service was awesome,... check out our pastors blog ...
- Sunday evening bible study was ok... it was the series "The truth project" little deep for me, love our small group, we have about 20 couples but not really loving the series...hopefully i can wrap my head around it soon as i am struggling to concentrate
- This week started Scarlett's official organized school week...i work with her often on things but i never keep track, i will link something to this website, i am just trying to organize will see what we work on daily!! super excited ... we have muffin tin mondays, book of the week, worship wednesdays and etc...sUPEr PUmped ...we work for about an hour each day whether its all at one time or in segments...she loves it..calls it "abc learning time"
- Monday morning we also had gymnastics, went to graysons house for pizza in the evening
- Tuesday, daddys airplane traveled to birmingham..., scarlett went to dance..which we are moving to saturdays due to the fact that one parent might send me over the top.. hello discipline...not wasting my time on that discussion
- Wednesday, bible study for mommy, Scarlett plays with a few of her church friends, and i LEFT Willow in the nursery...brave me (just for a short time)... we are doing a precepts study of the book of revelations and i wasn't able to make it last week, this week we made it but Scarlett forgot her shoes...sometimes i think, ok, we are not going, but then i get there and think man, what i would have missed if i didn't go!!
- Thursday.. not much, going to Landon's birthday party in the early afternoon


as for other notes:
- joy is coming home soon and as a matter of fact, she is coming to florida soon
- i heard that Tori had an amazing project at the fair that i missed
- willow is doing great, she is breastfeeding wonderfully...which i am stoked about
- Scarlett well, she is doing good too, everyday is such a joy with her and i can't imagine not having every minute with her as she has always got something new on her mind
- Ryan has had a lot of work on his mind, he is super busy but all of his girls are so proud of him and how hard he works
- he came home with a WII the other day, yipee for mommy and scarlett
- my neighbor Ruth hasn't been feeling too good lately, keep her in your prayers

As for the rest of the weekend...well, hopefully some relaxing time and enjoying some late saturday football.
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