Saturday, September 05, 2009

Close Up

Joy wanted some close up pictures of Willow Grayce...see if you can figure out who she looks like!!




- Joe and Shari are in town for a long weekend!! Yipee
- They went to highjackers last night and Scarlett loved running around!!
- Went to see Dr. Johnson who delivered Willow and everything seems ok... they are going to check my hernia which was above my belly button the whole time during my pregnancy. If worse comes to worse, I could have to have it removed but they think everything will go back into place.
- Ryan is pumped about the Ohio State game, game day, college roundup and all the other big ten shows.
- we are hoping for sunny days here this weekend!!
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Gardner's said...

She is soo precious.... I just wish I was there to squeeze her! Love the pictures... But I can not tell who she looks like... the dark skin and eyes are throwing me off...