Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Random Pictures

daddy and his girls before an ohio state game

Scarlett just adores Willow Grayce. She just loves to play and sit in her things too. Scarlett has not hit the 25lbs mark yet so we thought it was safe.


Ok... the bouncy seat went a little too far as she thought she should put Willow Grayces soother in her mouth.


This is the dance class that Scarlett takes on Tuesday mornings. Every morning seems to have something so I am really trying to organize things better and get a better handle on our mornings.
Mondays is gymnastics, Tuesdays is dance, Wednesday is Mommy's morning as i go to a womens bible study, Thursday is a playdate day for all the girls at church, and friday believe it or not is open... but i think that is a day that we are going to invite friends over for small group learning or pool days???

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Gardner's said...

oh what FUN... love the little ladybug girls.. HOW FUN!! I can't wait to see the room in like 2 1/2 weeks!! It looks like you got a ton of super cute outfits...