Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I just tried to mass email these messages out to everyone in my address book, so if you didn't receive it... lucky you I don't have your email SO EMAIL ME ... but check out the below information and help me out...although i think you have to copy and paste the links for them to work off of my blog!

A great marketing scheme in action…. needs your vote on little Ms. Scarlett. Ryan’s sister, Ashley married Dan Hilty and Scarlett was the wonderful little flower girl. Her dress was from Well, of course I get a ton of emails and one of the emails I received said “I could win 100.00” but the catch is that Scarlett has to have the most votes on her picture.

So if you click this link …
click to page 13 and she is on the top right, walking down the church stairs in her white dress and teal flower. Thank YOU in advance!! (her number is 115 and click 10 points) (IF YOU CLICK ON MASS will go into the pinkprincess website...i think)

Speaking of Pink Princess… for all of you ladies out there… get ready to run. On March 7th, 2010 at 6:00 a.m. I will be running a half marathon in Disney. I am inviting any of you to join me. I have already registered for the event which is around 120.00$. If you have registered, please let us know, as we want our team to be big, bright and awesome!! We plan to stay on the resort on Saturday night for the race on Sunday. We already have girls signed up on our team. We plan to wear the same outfit colors and the shirts will have a graphic design by They are friends of ours!! Thanks Kristen and Joe! Here is the website to sign up!!! We will start training in Dec/Jan or you can google your own!!

Last but not least, I am now on facebook so you can come and friend me (I need to figure it out)

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