Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Stork

We woke up the morning after we got home and stork was parked in our front yard!! Kristen and Joe Rossheim put it in the front yard. They have a little business doing this and its super cute!!


The closer picture of details!!


The three on the left are prego and Kristen is in the middle! Thanks Kristen!!
This picture was taken at the end of i was about 3 months!! wow, how time flys!

In other news:

- things are going pretty good getting adjusted with two...i don't want to jinx myself
- can't wait for nana and papaw to get here to give Scarlett even more attention
- i have been working hard not to leave Scarlett out of too much
- so much that she decided today she needs to wear a "tank-top" so that she can breastfeed, she has pads on and all
- when we left the baby dr. yesterday, we all went to the bathroom, they had cups behind the toilet and she said it was her turn to pee in a cup..yep, i have officially taken her to the ob toooo many times.. and i thought she didn't see me...grrrr
- i am going to feed willow today around 5 and then slip off with Scarlett to the library for an hour to meet the one and only Carina...her bestest friend... ryan is going to watch Willow as i am still a little scared about taking her if i don't need to
- Ryan is drafting his fantasy football team tonight
- we are having stir-fry tonight
- i need to write some thank yous
- i love my life, my husband and my girls
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Gardner's said...

I can't stop laughing about the pee in the cup thing.. oh the little things they don't miss!

Gardner's said...

OK... I love all the updates!! Love all the stories and pictuers... I am so glad Kora and I are coming to visit soon! Miss you guys!!!!

Gardner's said...

oh... can I ask for one thing... some more close-up pictures of Willow.. I can't tell who she looks like. :o)..(you love me..)

Jill said...

ok ....really joy.. can you get anymore demanding.... i even updated!! lol

Gardner's said...

hee hee... u love me!