Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok, lets focus on Scarlett for a minute. As most of you with more then one child know what I am about to say, i am finding it difficult to get my schedule down with two kids. Well, its not really the schedule but the fact that I love to teach Scarlett things and I haven't had much time between feedings and etc...

So after Labor day weekend, i attempted to try and spend Scarlett and I's "1 hour Learning Time" in the morning. It worked out ok but we are busy throughout the week mornings too. So i find myself not doing it after nap if we don't get to it in the morning.

I am going to be linking or posting my other blog soon. It is my "Preschool BLog" and i didn't want to have it on the same blog, as the other blog will list my ideas and things that i do with it... i want to archive them so someday when i open up sometime of learning facility for children, i will have all of these ideas done.

I haven't taked pictures of everything but here are two from the past week... we were painting our color boxes to match our umbrellas.


We painted the orange and purple boxes...they were the two colors we have been missing for months now, and i finally got around to having her do them.

I can't wait to show you what we have been doing during our learning time. I am still trying to organize my thoughts and ideas on it.

If any of you have found a good curriculum to use to teach your child to read let me know. You would think after teaching and finishing my masters i would have this all figured out, but its just different. Scarlett has known her letters and most of her sounds, and can tell you what most words start ... cow, dog, nana, mommy, snake..etc. so now i need to build onto that with words, and they have so many curriculums out their its crazy. My goal is to find a few that i like and build my own which is what i did when i was a teacher, its just i was working with 8 year olds and not 2 year olds...

mmm.. i was an advocate for public schools, but maybe i will homeschool Scarlett for preschool/kindergarten... we will see.

Ok, i won't ramble on about teaching on my family blog, it will all be on my "Preschool blog" with hopefully awesome ideas and pictures!!
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