Tuesday, September 15, 2009


That is right... you are getting a sneak peek of our little baby announcement.

I thought I would post them before hand so if you read this blog you will hopefully be receiving a picture. Just comment if you don't receive one and I WILL SEND ONE.


I loved this picture of Scarlett running up to my camera!! Ryan...mmmm ... not so much

The girls are getting to be super big girls!!


MMMM... wonder what pictures we will use from Jill's wonderful 100$ camera... lol... can't wait for Aunt Joy to come down and take some pictures of our family.

other notes:
- currently can't find my camera...that is why the blog is a little slow on updates
- can't find my flashdrive so i have the addresses to print on labels so i may be handwriting all 150+ announcements...which is the only reason you haven't received them yet, everything is ready to go with a stamp on it, just can't bring my lazy self to write all the addresses...

- off to search for my flashdrive in which all the addresses are saved on.
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